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    Need to trade!!

    Hello and thanks for looking!! :D I have two of the TRU exclusive 12" SandtrooperW/Dewbacks I want to trade. One Dewback for one of the following: 1. 12" Luke and Bib Fortuna 2. 12" Aurra Sing Masterpeice Edition 3. 12" Electronic C-3P0 and R2-D2 One Dewback for any two of the...
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    A question for all you SW nuts!

    :stupid: Rock on Bowmanville Bri!! That is a great Idea!! Of course, I am such a 12" nut, I would like any 12" that was made. BanthaButt :hurl:
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    Who is your favorite author?

    I'll tell ya!! Since we are not staying with the Star Wars theme here, My all time Favorite Author is a tie Stephen King and Dean Koontz I am a huge horror and sci-fi fan, no one does it better than these two. I have read all of each one of their books (is that...
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    12" European Luke

    Hello people!! I have noticed (through my brief:eek: travels here at Bothan Spies) that some of you 12" fans are still in need of the European 12" Swinging Action Arm Luke and Han!! Well, If you are one of those who are, ol' Bantha Butt gotted sum guuud news fer ya!! I know of a place...
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    A question for all you SW nuts!

    really cool ideas guys! I think Tristin hit it on the head. I would love to have the entire Jedi Council. Plo Koon would rule!!!!! For the first three movies I would like to see the following: 1. Cantina Aliens....all of em! 2. Banthas (kinda partial to them i guess) 3. Scout Trooper...
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    Horror Stories

    That is the saddest thing I have ever heard Talon!!! I have had good luck for the most part during my collection years until earlier this month.....I won a bid on Ebay on the 12" Aurra Sing Masterpeice Edition for $50 which was a great price. The Auction ended in August and I just got the...
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    Saying "Hi" to everyone!

    What's up spies? Just want to introduce myself as I am a new member of this site. My name is....well, just call me BanthaButt. I am an avid collector and have over 100 12" figures in my collection as of 10-20-01 and I am always looking for more. I live in Baton Rouge so if any of you...