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    Watto's Lotto Week 10

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    Watto's Lotto Week Seven

    128 for me please.
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    Anniversary Winners Announced

    AAHH!!!:shocked: OMG!!! WOW!!!:eek: I WON!!! WOOHOO!!!:D I checked the site this morning, since I haven't been able to get online for quite some time now. And when I saw the title to the latest post. Anniversary Winners Announced I clicked on the link and started scrolling down on the list...
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    New Insider!!!!!!!

    I've seen a black 99' Mustang over here in Reno which had SITHLRD on the license plate. Pretty cool!:cool:
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    Watto's Lotto Week 4

    1-2-8 for me.
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    Sandcrawler On The Way!!!!!!

    WHOA! that's frickin' COOL!!! I just know I'm getting that.
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    Anniversary Giveaways Start Now

    "Try not. Do or do not, there is no try." -[Yoda] 1. Jango, Clone Trooper, and Padme pilots 2. Ephant Mon, Jango and Clone Trooper pilots 3. Autographed CT Leia 4. Autographed Darth Maul 5. Padme' bust 6. 12" Electronic Jango Fett 7. Autographed Taun We 8. Reek 9. 12" Zam Wessel...
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    Speeder bike chase on SE widescreen

    That's a cool site! Thanks for posting that link Wookie Cookie.:D
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    I hope she had her shots...

    *sigh* gotta love that pic!:D
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    "Greeetings exalted one's!"

    Hello! I'm a newbie here (isn't it obvious?);) and I'm a BIG Star Wars fan and I love collecting different kinds of merchandise and whatnot related to the greatest movie saga of all time!:cool: And I do look forward to having a great time here. May the Force be with you!