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  1. Jedi 1073

    Why do you like Starwars ?

    Cause it's totally awesome dude! :worship:
  2. Jedi 1073

    Ep III Countdown Clock

    I've had this for several months now, but nothing has changed such as new skins or latst news that scrolls across the botton.
  3. Jedi 1073

    Star Wars Insider...

    I really don't think Lucas has that much "hands on" with every thing, it's most likely the fan club President responsible for this incursion. Sure you can blame him for a lot of things, but not every thing.
  4. Jedi 1073

    Custom Jango Fett

    That's really nice work! The step by step preccess is helpful as well, I do have one question: How do you know what size to print the picture?
  5. Jedi 1073

    What's your fave. game???

    I don't realy have a favorite, theres a bunch I liked alot and got my money's worth. I realy liked SWGBG, KOTOR, Jedi Knight2, Metroid Prime, and STA2. I'm realy looking forward to Battlefront and Republic Commando for Xbox, I like PC games but I just can't get the hang of FPS so i stick to...
  6. Jedi 1073

    LucasFilm Defends DVD Changes

    They are his movies after all so if he wants to go back and redo some thing let him. He said years ago that he wasn't happy with the finished product because of linitations and budget. I don't mind some changes like reworking technology or adding jabba to EP4 since the script was written that...
  7. Jedi 1073

    Holo Emperor Now Available for Preorder

    Buying the insider at newstands or local Fred Meyer works for me just fine, after all i don't want to see any spoilers it just ruins the movie. Although if that's the only way to get a OTC Holographic Emperor, guess im SOL. I have a feeling that after ROTS the fan club will lose alot of...
  8. Jedi 1073

    Lucas to make more Star Wars?

    Actually i would like to see that movie it would make a great comedy spoof!
  9. Jedi 1073

    New Jedi Council Scenes Revealed

    It seems that the Jedi Council Scene Pack 4 Agen Kolar looks a whole lot like somebody i already have. Couldn't hasbro at the very least do a repaint if not a body swap? :stupid1:
  10. Jedi 1073

    Lucas to make more Star Wars?

    Bring Back Babylon 5!!
  11. Jedi 1073

    Looking for Brian or Kevin Hurt, custom job needed

    If the figure is unleashed scale i would just hunt around for a lightsaber on ebay or something. Or you can make one by using the clear trees from a model kit and paint it with transparent color paint, to build the hilt take a slightly wider piece paint it whatever color you want and glue it...
  12. Jedi 1073

    Looking for Brian or Kevin Hurt, custom job needed

    I dont collect the 12" figs but the one in the pic looks like it wouldn't be too hard to customize. The reason i haven't posted back was that i was trying to figure a way to get the look you wanted, and silly me i was focused on 3 3/4 figs. How tall is that conan fig? You could use an unleashed...
  13. Jedi 1073

    Lucas to make more Star Wars?

    Not only would the actors be to old but also want to much money for the movies to make a profit. I think the only actor who should return is luke as a jedi master, as he was the focus of the story anyway. Besides nothing says you have to tell the story of what happens right after ROTJ, the PT...
  14. Jedi 1073

    Looking for Brian or Kevin Hurt, custom job needed

    If you had a larger picture that shows more detail i could tell what figures you might need.
  15. Jedi 1073

    Looking for Brian or Kevin Hurt, custom job needed

    Hi i don't know who is responsible for the great work done on those cards on post #15 but they’re awesome, which brings me to my question im looking for someone who can make a custom saga 04 card for Adi Gallia, Darth Sidious and Darth Maul to match the rest of my collection. I already have the...
  16. Jedi 1073

    Preview of Early 2005 Figures and Y-wing

    I'll probably get all the figures, not much for vehicles don't have the space.
  17. Jedi 1073


    Hi everyone im new to the site, and happy to be here. Sites like these make collecting less stressful. Thanks!