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    Thanks guys...hope i contribute in someway.. I am from South texas...1 hour west of South Padre Island.. cya
  2. J

    Target Exclusive Lava Vader

    50,000 produced and has a redish reflection on him. The package has the Target logo on the left side. It comes with a clear protected case. It runs for $12.99 along with the usual Target hassle..he he
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    I am looking forward to meet you guys. I been a star wars fan since the late 70s. The only classic stuff I have left are the Topps cards from 1977. I lost all my open figures. I do have all the new stuff and looking forward for the upcoming stuff. Take care and see you around. J@ngo
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    Midnight Madness

    Visited 4 wal-mart at midnight, found 1 red royal guard..all others blue. Visited Target first thing in the morning, had to battle workers and mangement to get my target darth :fume: Overall, all others were available. No toy r us exclusive anakin fighter Will continue my quest today.