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    Watto's Lotto week 39

    3-8-9 good luck to all.
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    Watto's Lotto Week 17

    102 It hasn't worked before and probably won't work this time, yet I fear change.
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    Watto's Lotto Week 16

    1 0 2 be there for me!
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    Watto's Lotto week 15

    1-0-2 Happy New Year to all!
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    AOTC Movie Mistakes

    The only thing that bothers me about everything is why wouldn't Owen recognize Threepio in ANH? The droid worked on his farm for up to ten years... The gold casing could throw him off for a minute, but when he says he's C3PO and programmed for etiquette and protocol, I like to think something...
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    What was your favorite scene from E2?

    The clonetroopers were incredible. Any scene with a clonetrooper pretty much kicked ass. Loved it.
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    Pod Race 1

    stickin with the arms....go go Gasgano! contest has been great fun!
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    Pod Race 1

    Since Anakin and Sebulba will be too busy worrying about each other...I'll take Gasgano....with all those arms, something's bound to happen...
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    Pod Race 1

    I'm taking Sebulba. He'll win driving with his feet! Seriously.
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    Pod Race 1

    I'm taking Ark "Bumpy" Roose. He's goofy. I like that.
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    Pod Race 1

    I'll go with my many-armed friend, Gasgano....let's see if I can't make it a perfect 0-3!
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    Pod Race 1

    I'm going with Nale Kam....a.k.a. Elan Mak -c'mon baby, papa needs a new pair of shoes! by the way, my real name is wwejihp, yet I post as phijeww....
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    Pod Race 1

    I'm taking fud sang....he's a sure thing! This is a great idea for a contest, by the way!
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    Nothing more than a hello

    Truthfully, I only registered for this site on the slim chance I could win the prize package they're offering, and I've come to enjoy it quite a bit. I have a terrible addiction to a drug far worse than anything banned by the government, and that drug is 3 3/4" figures. For whatever reason...