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  1. pushican

    Happy Hollidays

    Hello Everyone. I realise that many have bee swayed by the bad PR of late. I am sorry for this and I understand. You are all considered as frinds by me. This has been a very difficult year for me with my health problems. I want to take this time on Christmas morning to share my wish that...
  2. pushican

    Some are doubting Lightning Bear was in SW

    Hello everyone, it is Lightning Bear! I have always had great respect for this site and the things that have been posted and the people I have met through it. I found out through a fan about this thread. Whether people believe me or not is of little concern to me. What I will take exception...
  3. pushican

    Happy Holidays from the Bear Clan

    Hi All Needless to say this has been a great year for me. I wish to pass on the greeting from my family, Kwannah, Philomena, Carlotta and myself for the best and brightest holidays ever. We also wish you health and success in the new year to come. I will always be gratful for all the...
  4. pushican

    043 - Lightning Bear (Stormtrooper ANH, ESB & ROTJ)

    Hi! I really did not mean to hit you. I feel really bad that it happened. Hope you can forgive me. Lightning Bear
  5. pushican

    Celebration Europe, July 2007

    Re: Celebration Europe, July 2007 from Lightning Bear Hi All! I am happy to tell everyone that both Barrie Holland and I will be at Celebration Europe. Looking forward to see all of you there. Lightning Bear
  6. pushican

    CIV report

    Re: CIV report from Lightning Bear Hi All! Well I am back home now after a long flight. I want to thank you all for coming by to meet me. It was a real privilage and honor. For all the rest of the members, you could not have had better representives. They were always nice, considerate and...
  7. pushican

    Celebration IV autograph list

    Hi Everyone Just thought I would let everyones fears fade away. Yesterday I recieved my travel confirmation for C4. So Barring major earthquake, Locust or any of the great Plagues I shall be a C4. Lightning Bear
  8. pushican

    Lightning Bear at C4

    Hello all! It is now offical, as of today, I recieved the invitation to come to C4 and have accepted. So I hope to see everyone there. Lightning Bear
  9. pushican

    Web Site

    Hello All! Finally, I have a website. please check it out at: If anyone has ideas on how to make it better, please let me know. Lightning Bear
  10. pushican


    For those of you that live in the UK, I will be in Bristol on the 30th of July and in Birmingham on the 12th and 13th of August for conventions there. Stop by and say hello. Lightning Bear
  11. pushican

    This Site

    Hello All! I want to say how impressed I am with this site. The more I go though it and read the comments the more I am. It is a great site and everyone seems like very nice people. I want everyone to know that it is all you (The Fans) that gives us the chance to go and take part in the...
  12. pushican

    Gentle Giant Vader Giveaway

    I guess my lack of knowledge shows we are not always up on what is out there. However they look great. Would love to get a set for my son. Then I will have to go with Lt. Renz from R.O.T.J.. I know my good friend Barrie Holland would be rapped if they did. Lightning Bear
  13. pushican

    Gentle Giant Vader Giveaway

    I would like to see them do the Biker Scout. Though I can not really figure out why. LOL Lightning Bear
  14. pushican

    043 - Lightning Bear (Stormtrooper ANH, ESB & ROTJ)

    Re: TBS Autograph Project 043 - Lightning Bear (Stormtrooper ANH, ESB & ROTJ) Hi All! I have been very lucky in my Career. I have met and worked with some great people and some not so great. The Speeder in the pic (which was taken on the 20th of May) is a replica. It was at a show in Swindon...
  15. pushican

    CIV Its Offical

    To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of "Star Wars," Lucasfilm Ltd. And Gen Con LLC will throw the largest party ever for fans of the saga, taking over the entire Los Angeles Convention Center in May 2007 for five days filled with live entertainment, celebrities from all six movies, special film...
  16. pushican

    Do you think there will be a C4?

    Hi All! This is Lightning Bear. There is talk of doing C4 next year. Word is that if it happens it will be done in California. It will be great if they do it for the anniversary. They might even invite me to attend this time.
  17. pushican

    043 - Lightning Bear (Stormtrooper ANH, ESB & ROTJ)

    Re: TBS Autograph Project 043 - Lightning Bear (Stormtrooper ANH, ESB & ROTJ) Thank you for the welcome to your group. Since one mentioned my film career and having an interest in it, please fill free to ask me any questions you have. I am not online every day so I will answer as quickly as I...
  18. pushican

    043 - Lightning Bear (Stormtrooper ANH, ESB & ROTJ)

    Re: TBS Autograph Project 043 - Lightning Bear (Stormtrooper ANH, ESB & ROTJ) Hello Everyone!! I want to thank all for your comments. I do my best to answer all that write to me. For those of you who have written and not heard from me, means I did not receive you letters. Unfortunatly, not...