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    Hasbro Points

    Jedi Master Points Also, in terms of how many should be needed for redemption - it used to be (as shown above) that 4 figures gets 1 free figure. Now, I am sure Hasbro would never go for that now - 40 points. I think 100 is reasonable, but I am skeptical still that they would go for it. I...
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    Hasbro Points

    Jedi Master Points I agree that we deserve, as collectors, a promotion because it is unfair of Hasbro to insinuate that there will be offers by inventing the whole point system, and then not following through. I think it would also be somewhat in their interest, as people may buy up the...
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    Great Trader Just completed a great deal with Barada. He is a credit to our race! Would deal with again in a heartbeat!