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  1. Skywalker

    A lot of Star Wars autographs for sale - low prices!

    Hi there, I have a lot of extra Star Wars autographs I don’t need anymore. I’m not really someone who likes to sell them, but days of trading Star Wars sigs are mostly gone. Therefore I sell them for little money. My reputation: I collect since 1997, my websites are...
  2. Skywalker

    World exclusive Alan Flyng Imperial Officer ROTJ

    Well, the signing is overpriced ideed, but I can tell you it is not Mark's fault.
  3. Skywalker

    World exclusive Alan Flyng Imperial Officer ROTJ

    I recently purchased a 10x8 signed by Josh Brolin who is a bigger name and I paid less then $35 for this one! The pricing policy for those Star Wars extras is not realistic anymore, it really makes me angry. I'm so sick of that frickin' business.... :rolleyes:
  4. Skywalker

    TTM (Through-The-Mail) Autograph Failures

    Salo won't sign for free as far as I know. I even remember first he said he wasn't in Star Wars, now he says he was. However, he's a client of that crappy conventionguests website and several people there won't sign. And isn't happy if their clients getting fanmail at all...
  5. Skywalker

    062 - Peter Geddis (ANH Captain Raymus Antilles)

    I heard he won't sign anymore because of copyright reasons, but no idea if it's true. Would be too bad. My god, It was me who researched him some years ago and I was the first one who ever got his signature on Star Was pics! The good old days.
  6. Skywalker

    Some are doubting Lightning Bear was in SW

    At least he wasn't a stormtrooper, because he is much too tall: 6' 5" (1.96 m), same as Dave Prowse! The guys who played the stormtroopers are between 5' 10" (1.78 m) and approx. 6' 1" (1.85 m), because otherwise the armors wouldn't fit.
  7. Skywalker

    World exclusive Alan Flyng Imperial Officer ROTJ

    Overpriced. I don't pay more than $15 for an extra anymore and there are only a few exceptions. I would like to get his signature, but not for such a ridiculous price. I did conact Alan Flyng if he would sign for free or if he charges. I wouldn't mind pay him a few dollars, but I'm sick of those...
  8. Skywalker

    How many requests you are still waiting?

    Too many.......
  9. Skywalker

    086 - David Acord (Medical Droid GH-7)

    Got a response today! He signed all pics and enclosed a letter. :)
  10. Skywalker

    086 - David Acord (Medical Droid GH-7)

    Same here... :(
  11. Skywalker

    018 - Barry Robertson (Gamorrean Guard)

    Hi Barry! Welcome and also thanks, you signed the items I sent in April 2005. I’m afraid you can’t stop it. It’s usual that people sell autgraphs on eBay (unfortunately selling fake autographs is even more usual.... :( ). Many people doesn’t like it, but I guess there’s nothing you can...
  12. Skywalker

    New Addresses for Unlisted Names

    I tried Peter Serafinowicz several times, but he never replied. I won't waste postage for Funky Pete anymore.
  13. Skywalker

    Celebration IV autograph list

    Anthony Forrest..... I tried him via his home address almost two years ago, but the guy ignored my request. At least he can sign for money.....
  14. Skywalker

    061 - Stuart Freeborn (Yoda sculptor)

    Graham Freeborn died of cancer after a long fight on 14 July 1986. I knew it before, but his widow e-mailed me approx. 2 1/2 years ago and told me the exact date he died. Graham was survived by his widow Sheila and his daughters Michelle and Elizabeth.
  15. Skywalker

    Autograph Successes!

    Try this one: Michael Bell 4906 Encino Avenue Encino CA 91316-3816 USA
  16. Skywalker

    060 - Howard Kazanjian (Producer ROTJ)

    Congrats! I got a success many years ago. There were a few private signings in the meantime, so it's great to see he still signs ttm for free. :)
  17. Skywalker

    My Star Wars Autograph Collection

    Thanks. That's almost ten years of work! And there are still many names I am looking for.
  18. Skywalker

    My Star Wars Autograph Collection

    I got many signatures via private signings/Conventions, but also a lot ttm.
  19. Skywalker

    My Star Wars Autograph Collection

    I guess many people do already know it, but here's my site anyway: Enjoy!
  20. Skywalker

    008 - Denis Lawson (Wedge Antilles)

    There's a chance to get a response from Denis Lawson, but he doesn't sign Star Wars related items anymore. Regards from