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    Cleaning out my collection

    I am trying to sell off what I have in my action figure collections. I have several Star Wars (loose, carded, Unleashed, 12"), some Star Trek, McFarlane, ToyBiz, Marvel Legends, and Lord of the Rings. I am putting thes on my Ebay page. As soon as I get some pictures I will be putting them up...
  2. J Update and Giveaway

    Hello, JediDaxter here with new updates to First, a computer crash has erased all entries into the Feb Giveaway for a MIB POTF2 Cinema Scenes Final Jedi Duel. I am re-running this giveaway giving those entered a second chance at winning this piece. Second, as for March's...
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    I'm Selling Off Loose Figures

    All Sold Off.
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    Carded R2-Q5 for sale, plus others

    All SOLD.
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    loose figures for sale, cheap pricing

    All Sold.
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    Selling my small POTF2 collection

    All have been SOLD individually.
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    Selling my Lord of the Rings figures.

    All SOLD.
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    Red Clonetroopers for sale

    All SOLD.
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    PC Star Wars KOTOR game for sale

    Both SOLD.
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    My new site and giveaway.

    Hi I have my Reviews web site up now with a new review that I finished. The site's name has changed from From Coffins to Blisters to ShelfWarmers. I am running a new giveaway which is for a MOC Saga Luke Skywalker Holograph action figure. is the main page. I am also...
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    PC Star Wars KOTOR game for sale

    I have an almost new Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Lord of the Rings Return of the King PC CD Rom computer games for sale. Both have been opened, but have not been played with. My computer doesn't have the Ram and Processor speed for both games. I am selling them at $12 each plus $5...
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    TBS/From Coffins to Blisters winner!

    From Coffins to Blisters Giveaway Winner is: Mark Ferian JEDI FREIJAN E-mail me at: with your mailing address. A new giveaway will resume in January.
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    FB Emperor Palpatine Giveaway

    Winner! From Coffins to Blisters Giveaway Winner is: Mark Ferian JEDI FREIJAN E-mail me at: with your mailing address. A new giveaway will resume in January.
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    TBS 'Exclusive' Giveaway

    Hi, JediDaxter here with a new giveaway that is for TBS Forum members only. Visit my page for more information on how you can enter for a moc POTF2 Flash Back Photo Emperor Palpetine. To be eligible, you MUST be a member of this forum. Good Luck on winning...
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    Red Clonetroopers for sale

    I have four near mint carded Unleashed Clonetroopers that I am selling off. If you may be interested in one or a few, please e-mail me. I will take an offer for them. I also have the first four OTC figures with both packaging variations Luke Skywalker Dagobah. Will take an offer for the set.
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    Padme Amidala Text Early Variation MOC

    I have the first text Padme Amidala Coruscant Attack mint on card, and I am selling this piece off. I will be getting some new pictures of the figure with a comparison shot of the second corrected version. I will gladly take any offers for this figures, so give me your best shot. I will factor...
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    Custom Jango Fett

    I love it!!! I will e-mail you my address in a minute. By any chance would I be able to get the other two Jango's, if the've been done. I will be doing the BothanSpy Only giveaway starting Nov 15th, after my first one ends. Talk to you later. David aka JediDaxter
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    Looking for Brian or Kevin Hurt, custom job needed

    I like the unpunched J hook look. Even if you tape the gun the the cardback, that would be fine for me. Thanks alot for helping me. I should have the giveaway set to go in 2-3 days. I'll send you more info to place on the main page. To all who read this, it will be a 'BothanSpy Forum Member...