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    Toronto Toy Show

    Hey I guess I missed you guys. That Vintage guy was great, really nice. I was the one who bought the loose Amanaman, wish I had more money to spend. Thanks for the tip on the show drgonzo70 :)
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    Toronto Toy Show

    Thanks for the info. Might see you there. :) :cflag:
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    Episode II "Breathless" Trailer - opinions

    I took the kids to see Monster Inc. Loved the movie but the teaser for Star Wars was awesome! The scenes shown where breathtaking. This movie is going to be amazing can't wait to see it. (hopefully with BanthaButt :hello: ) Take care, BowmanvilleBri:p
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    A question for all you SW nuts!

    I would love to see HammerHead done in the 12" line. I would also love to see any characters from Jabbas' Palace! :D BowmanvilleBri
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    Saying "Hi" to everyone!

    Hey ButtBoy! Glad to see yah!! This guy is great! He has become a good friend of mine thanks to Star Wars. Talk to you soon! :wavey:
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    Who is your favorite author?

    I would have to say my fav is Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman with Melanie Rawn coming in a very close 3rd. Love them Dragon type books! BowmanvilleBri :)
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    What is your rarest SW item?

    My rarest would have to be my vinal caped jawa or my 12" IG88 both from when I was a kid. I was smart and kept them all :D My fav would have to be my 12" Luke Wampa my wife surprised me with for Christmas two years ago. I love looking at all my figures and ships, brings back so many...
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    Hello Hello!

    Just want to say hi! Hope I can help someone out sometime! Take care :^)