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    Canadians and Hockey

    Well said Barada!:canada: Hey Borsk! Do you think we might be able to get a hockey smiley? Heck I don't even care if it has a Maple Leaf jersey on.;)
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    The Death of Shmi

    Sorry Membraneman But it's kinda hard digging up new rumors with Lucas keeping everything so secretive as he always does. I respect that though and wouldn't have it any other way. Imagine if we'd Known Vader was Luke's father before Empire! And Tristan, I've got to agree with you. That is...
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    Canadians and Hockey

    Yeah, well incase you haven't heard your ex-team, the Rangers, now have the biggest cry baby in the league!:D Gotta go now Talon. You'll never guess who I just got an email from. The Cryptster! I'm gonna go check it out.
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    Canadians and Hockey

    The Senators rule! Hey about the hockey subject you guys. You've both got it all wrong. Both the Leafs and Habs suck! The Senators are now the Canadian team to beat. I still can't beleive Toronto paid how many million for Sundin when they could have had Lindros.:stupid: Actually I'm a Flyers...
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    Canadians and Hockey

    Hey Borsk I've only got one thing to say about your smiley additions; Impresive. Most Impresive. But you are not a jedi yet.:vader: Maybe soon though.:worship:
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    Canadians and Hockey

    Don't go there Talon Trust me you don't want to get into a discussion about hockey with a Canadian. Or in this case a batallion of them.:saber: Thanks for the Canadian smiley Borsk :canada: Just to be fair, don't you have an American one?
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    Canadians and Hockey

    Yeah. I wish I could say I got one though. They didn't make it up here in the North. :( That 1985 POTF line is the only hole in my collection. Thanks for reminding me!:evil: God I love that evil smiley.
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    The Death of Shmi

    You guys are sick! I like that.:evil: And I can't get enough of this smiley either.
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    Canadians and Hockey

    Well said Barada! It's about time they finally woke up and noticed how much us Canadians spend on Star Wars toys. Maybe in the future it'll be the American's who look to us to get them exclusives! :evil: I won't hold my breath though.
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    Canadians and Hockey

    Welcome fellow Snowtrooper! Our army is building by the minute! Maybe we should rename this site SNOWTROOPERS!:evil:
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    2nd wave accessory sets

    If anyone has any of the second wave accessory sets (minus Pod Race Refuel Station) I need the remaining 3 (Tatooine Disguise, Rappel Line Attack, Hyperdrive Repair Kit).
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    I guess I'll say 'Hi'

    Welcome! Hope you enjoy this site. I've seen your work before and it's quite humorous.:roflmao: Keep it up!
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    Welcome fellow Snowtrooper! Our numbers in the North are growing!:smirk:
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    Hello all!

    Welcome fellow Snowtrooper! The force is strong with us in the North!:saber:
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    Hello everybody

    Welcome fellow Snowtrooper! Our Northern Army is building!:saber:
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    Howdy fello SW fans...

    Welcome my fellow Snowtrooper Glad to have you on board!:wave:
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    Hello All

    Welcome my fellow Snowtrooper The army is building!:wave:
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    What was the last wave you found?

    Dirty Scout wave The last wave to hit here in the North has been the Dirty Scout wave. This is the wave that includes 4 SA Mauls per case. Needless to say the once HTF SA Maul is now warming the pegs.:(
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    The Death of Shmi

    This is a real unconfirmed rumor but apparently Shmi dies in ATOC at the hands of tusken raiders. Anakin, who is coming back to visit her for the first time since his departure, fights them off but she ends up dieing in his arms. So did you know that one!
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    Darth Sidious

    Of course they're the same person Enough is enough. Of course Senator Palpatine is Darth Sidious aka Emperor PALPATINE! But check out the next spoiler.