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    A very good trade with Stormtr00per!! Fast shipping and packed well!! Thanks alot Mark.. :)
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    Great trade with OCB!! Fast shipping and packed great!! Thanks alot Scott...:)
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    Thank-you Thanks Thommo, it was a pleasure. Anytime bud..:) :canada: :rockon: :aussie:
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    I don't know about you, but this makes me wonder!!

    How bout you??
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    Great trade with Thommo!! Fast shipping and packed great. Thanks alot....:canada: :aussie: :rockon:
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    How not to park!!!!

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    Happy Birthday...

    Happy Birthday JEJ, good thing we get the name right..:cheers:
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    Great trade with badmoodshark!! Very Very fast shipping and packed great. I recommend to all....:D
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    As always a great transaction with BlueHarvest..:D And the fastest Feedback I've ever received, hehe Thanks alot Chad :wavey:
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    What's censored by C3P0?

    Golden Rod Yep thats the offending card. Can't tell from that one but yes it's quite noticable, hehe:shocked:
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    Happy New Year!!!!!!

    Happy New Year !!!!!!! You said it baby...:balloons: :balloons: :rockon: :bday: :canada:
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    Merry Xmas to all

    Merry Christmas Cheers to all my fellow collectors..:hello: :canada: :balloons:
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    greetings everyone

    I'll show ya some Canadian Bacon buddy, LOL...:canada: :canada: :usa: :canada: :canada: :balloons: :smirk:
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    Happy Birthday Barada!

    Happy Birthday bud!! Hope you have a great one..:bday: :balloons: :balloons:
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    Latest scores

    I just won these a couple of days ago.... and then this to offset it.... and this so I'll never have problems...
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    Vintage Capes?

    which ones do you need??
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    Let's light-up Luke

    Thanks Gramps Hey Gramps, I saw your post about the LOTR goblets and went right out and bought one. I took it apart (removed the base) and just placed it inside the chamber. Looks great, only thing is that it's red coloured lites. Would have liked blue. Think a person can paint the bulbs...
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    I just completed a buy from BlueHarvest!! Great stuff!! :D I finally met my fellow Edmontonian collector.It was a pleasure and do I dare say a Honour to meet!! :rolleyes: , JK!!! Hope to have more business in the near future..........Thanks Chad!!
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    Happy Birthday Redleader!

    Happy B-Day Man....:wave: :bday:
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    Da new guy

    Hey Theo!! Hey Theo, how ya doing bud?? Welcome!! :D