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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #12

    that is one movie i do not plan to see will farrel is not my favoite actor
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #13

    our house has the clear lights around the roof and multi color lights on the porch simple but pretty
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #8

    i will leave a 100calorie cook pack because i care :)~
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #7

    pumkin pie is not my favoite yuck.i like apple
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #4

    my favoite xmas story is the grinch who stole christmas yea that
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #9

    most of the time mine are opend on christmass eve it started we would open one the it ended up all so we keep up
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #6

    i choose prancer :)
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #5

    i also have to go with the grinch
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #3

    not to be a copy cat but my best gift would have to be my millinum falcon , i saw it in a comic store but did not get it and told my parents about it. so one day my mom and i went back to get it and it was gone .i was disapointed but then at xmas in the living room hanging from the celing was...
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #2

    i cant tell you what my favoite christmas tune ,but i can tell you my lest favoite the muppets 12 days of christmas.
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #1

    i hope to get a grevious cookie jar and cubbies and speakers for my room :)~
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    Autograph Successes!

    i got cool respones from andre Sogliuzzo (captian Typho and more in clone wars cartoons) he sighed every thing i sent and enclosed a verry nice letter took about 53 days i uses this address :C/O william Morris Agency,one william morris place ,Beverly Hills ,CA 90212
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    Autograph Successes!

    i used this address for James Arnold Taylor 12930 Ventura Blvd.#623 Studio City ,Ca 91604 sorry it took so long to respond
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    Autograph Successes!

    to day in the mail i recived James Arnold Taylor autograph i sent a 4x6 pic and a tradeing card he personaled both and added a 4x6 picture with a nice reply and it all only took 55 day :) very happy
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    Tim Dry Autograph Giveaway

    i would take a hat pin and deflate him and they can use his flat airless body as a party tent 11
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    Autograph Successes!

    :) i received John Knolls autogragh to day he signed my 4x6 printed picture that i got from this great sight ,than you
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    096 - Tom Kane (voice of Yoda in Clone Wars cartoon)

    i sent a request to Tom Kane on 7-8-07 and got a responce on 8-3-07 he signed my tradeing card and my 4x6 photo and he sighed thanks on my letter i sent ,so i am verry happy
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    Autograph Successes!

    sorry i do that some times
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    Autograph Successes!

    i sent mcquarrie on 7-8-2007 and got it back on 7-20-2007 i used this address IML 2459 san Raphael CA 49412,it just had his initials, and Michael Lynch i sent 7-8-2007 and got it back on 7-20-2007 and i used this address 993 spruce St. Berkeley ,Ca 94707.
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    Autograph Successes!

    i sent a request to ralph MCQuarrie and he responded in 12 days pretty cool also i sent a request to michael lynch and he responed in 18 day this autograph collection is so fun