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    2010 Pre-Christmas Giveaway #1

    Yubetta Run'N Hyde......
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    2010 Pre-Christmas Giveaway #3

    A Wookiee...if you are shopping with him, he can get ahold of items that are hard to reach for you on the top shelf...then you would reward him with a trip to the deli or the butcher for a slab of whatever he chooses!! Or...if you are playing Poker w/ your "pals" and you are losing, "Hey...
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    2010 Pre-Christmas Giveaway #2

    I would pick Naboo, definitely peaceful Naboo. And the constant sound of running waterfalls...mmmm DarthSkellington, doesn't Felucia remind you of Willy Wonka's Candy Forest? Where you can eat anything.....
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    Christmas Giveaway #6

    Dasher....I think he is the quickest!!
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    2008 Christmas Giveaway #4

    He would find chocolate chip cookies w/ a candy cane Hershey's kiss center!!
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    2008 Christmas Giveaway #3

    I would be human w/ a dark green lightsaber... Clone Trooper nickname? would be Sarc....for Sarcasm!!
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    2008 Christmas Giveaway #2

    Let's see....Chewbacca. He would be the one to lift up one of my kids to put the Star on top of the tree!! Second non-human to invite to Christmas Dinner, hear his 900 years of experience at the dinner table would be entertaining and educational.
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    2008 Christmas Giveaway #1

    I would like the Sideshow Collectibles Biker Scout statue w/ Speeder Bike! That thing is absolutely awesome!! Skel & Wookie-Cookies would remember it from C4!!
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #4

    The Santa Clause
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #3

    A bicentennial train set that my Stepdad worked hard all night putting together!!
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #1

    Gentle Giant's Kneeling Vader!! Awesome piece of art!!
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #2

    Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy--David Bowie & Bing Crosby....It was Bing's last recording.
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #5

    Tim Allen as Santa Claus....perfection of matching up a comedian with Jolly St. Nick!!
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #6

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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #7

    Pumpkin Triffle
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #8

    Classic Chocolate Chip Cookies and a cold glass of milk!!
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    2007 Christmas Giveaway #9

    Christmas Day, DEFINITELY!! and a glass of Sherry to warm ya up!!