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  1. Ranana_coak

    2008 Christmas Giveaway #3

    Merry Christmas everyone. It doesnt look like it will be white here, but I wish you and your loved ones safe travel this holiday season.
  2. Ranana_coak

    Avatar Update

    Sonic is there a central location for all the cncnz icons, logos, etc? I was going to take the plunge and update my avatar to the new size... and Im lazy enough to just want to cut and paste yours
  3. Ranana_coak

    R2-D2 Cake

    R2 D2 Cake This poll is ridiculous and unless you're polling us on which one we'd rather have you bake for us... I am not voting. But if you wanted to bake me a cake, I'd be OK with that.
  4. Ranana_coak

    Skels' DH-17 Blaster Rifle

    Skels DH 17 Blaster Rifle Have you tried just unplugging the Blaster and using the old cable and plugging the drive directly into the board again and seeing if that works?
  5. Ranana_coak

    Autograph Questions and Discussion

    Last Page you can see all the pages a visitor looks at when browsing the visitors and clicking the look for the last page and thats the last page they browsed, is that what you mean?
  6. Ranana_coak

    "Star Wars" cartoon a misfire

    Its set around the same time as KOTOR I think. The Star Wars universe is technologically stagnant. Meaning that tech during the KOTOR era is no less advanced than Galactic civil war era.
  7. Ranana_coak

    2008 Christmas Giveaway #4

    The contest will end and the winners will be announced on March 10th, 3 days before the release of the game. So make sure you guys are spreading the word about the giveaway before it gets to late
  8. Ranana_coak

    Happy New Years Giveaways #3

    I won the Tshirt. anyone know if you can win more than one prize? Id def prefer the autograph jersey.