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    Master Replicas...

    That's right! Our currency is almost identical!... Suck's to be us. :banghead:
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    Master Replicas...

    Quite a few people probably know this already, but Master replicas has this new fancy shmancy Collectors Society Membership offer now on: Details: o A full Darth Maul .45 Scaled Replica LightsaberTM* (MSRP $50) o A personalized Membership Card and ID Number o An exclusive CS 2005...
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    Is Lucas secretly planning another trilogy?

    That's all folks! We'll see new shtuff on TV and the likes, but not another three movies... The poor ******* is getting old! Let's just hope he's done making any more Howard the duck movies! Yeeesh! Personally, I'm more then happy with the 6 SW movie's, Clone Wars & Christmas special...
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    1:72 scale Millennium Falcon

    Darth Aussie...How ya goin' mate? :cheers: Hell ya!... With the kind of detail the Japanese model manufacturers can achieve today, this kit should/would be a great addition to anyone's model collection. Personally, I am a HUGE fan of the original Nitto model kits from 1985. I bought my...
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    1:72 scale Millennium Falcon

    A new 1:72 scale Millennium Falcon model kit coming out soon perhaps? Maybe...Hopefully? Check it out!
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    Vader's rollercoaster ride

    I don't think my heart was ready for that one!.... Christ sakes, I think I got mudd-butt! :explode: It was interesting... I'll give it that much.
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    Vader gets stolen

    What ever do you mean officer? What's a "V a d e r"... Oh, this!?! This is my black inflatable... Star Wars... Love... Ahhh, never mind... :saber:
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    Life size & Paper models

    LOL... OH C A N A D A A A A A A A !!!! I promised myself... I wouldn't cry..sniff :crying: :baby: Beauty pageants are about as useful as teets on a feeesh! There, I said it! :banghead:
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    Life size & Paper models

    It's comforting to know that every time I post a new topic, we end up talking about the LADIES!!! LOL... It's all good! :dance:
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    Looking to get a new computer...

    Only $1500 US !?! That should be around $4000 Canadian! Pretty sweet though... I already priced my dream computer out with those guy's... $6500 so far. Sigh... Some day, I will win that sith lottery... And when I do, ACTION FIGURES FOR EVERYONE!!!!
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    Happy Birthday JediMaster9999!

    Happy B-Day! Cheers! :cheers:
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    Life size & Paper models

    LOL... I agree! :bday:
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    Life size & Paper models

    Nope... She was born in Fremont, Nebraska. What are you Aussie's complainin' bout'? Look at all the hotties that come out of Australia!!!!! Nicole Kidman Kylie Minogue Cate Blanchett Peta Wilson Naomi Watts Elle Macpherson How bout' them apples!!! :vader: :duel: Harrr HAARRRRRRR!!!
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    Not about Marg Helgenberger...

    LOL... Thanks for the response DS! I agree, some of them sculptures would look great at the front door! As for the paper models, you wouldn't believe the detail some of these models can get! Here is a list of some of the models I have: Corellian Corvette Corellian Gunship Deathstar...
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    chat room

    Chad room? Or CHAT room? Cuz, I already have a room like that where I read, and make my legs fall asleep! Where's the damn site administrator when you need one!?! I want to complain about this coffee! I want to see goggles people!:bash:
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    Not about Marg Helgenberger...

    I figured I would just start a new thread since my last one ended up being all about Marg Helgenberger (which is quite alright to me..) Anyway, is anyone interested in these here dang Star Wars paper models, or am I the only one? Or... you are all just too polite to tell me that you've all...
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    Life size & Paper models

    Re: Marg Helgenberger, Life size & Paper models LOL... Somehow my super-awesome cool info about the nifty-keen, ultra fantastic SW paper models have been replaced by mega-vixen-cougar...Marg Helgenberger!!! Yikes, even my wife thinks she's HOT! :lightnin:
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    Life size & Paper models

    LOL Another Marg fan! SWEEEETTT!!!
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    Home Lightsaber Stunt Ends in Disaster

    The photo speaks for itself...
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    Happy Birthday Woolef!

    Happy "Life Day" to you :bday: Watching SW on the B-Day is the only way to go! Especially on DVD! Crank the sound and grab munchies!