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    Figs I never received any such Figures. I never received a "I sent them" email from you, I assumed the deal was ended.
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    Perhaps... Perhaps I am a very busy individual? You want to know personal things? First, I work generally from 7pm to 3 or 4 am in the morning if not later. I then stumble home, grab a few hours rest, then I boot up the computer and do data entry work from home. These jobs still do not...
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    Pitbull's Haves/Wants

    12 inchers I can get you the 12 inch Bossk, 4Lom and IG-88. Um, Zuckuss and Dengar do no exist yet. Some of your 12 inchers interest me.... God that sounds like a porn line...
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    Scout Trooper

    PLEASE! Someone has to have a 12 inch Scout Trooper for sale! PLEASE! I don't want the speederbike... I just want the figure. I am willing to pay $$$ for it!
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    My List!

    Lildanboy... I have these: Beru AT-AT- Commander Wedge
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    My List!

    um.... Barada: Yes to all. I don't remember the Gunner being vintage tho, so no. Redleader79: Watto's box only.
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    Scout Trooper

    Probably shoudl put this in trade, but does anyone have a 12" Biker scout they're willing to part with?
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    Speeder Bike w/Luke Skywalker

    Sold Out Must be nice to live places where there's more than one Target in the city. My town only has one and the next one is 30 minutes away. Not a hick town, too many college students to compete with for SW toys. we've been sold out before they hit the shelves. No marked down...
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    A question for all you SW nuts!

    my faves My wish list? Jek Porkins More astromech droids Obi-wan and Qui-Gonn in the Jedi Training Gear More Jedi Council Members Snoova A new Boba Fett Jango Fett More Bounty Hunters
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    A question...

    well... Last I heard, due to Ep1's poor merchandising reception, that it was on hold indefinately.
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    yeah well see, that would be great! Plus a Qui-gonn (if that ever happens, him becoming one). I would definately buy them. Plus for post prequel fun we can have Ghosts of the entire Jedi Council.
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    My List!

    Haves: Stormtroopers (about 25 of em). Yes I'm the reason why you couldn't get them in the beginning. 5 Biker Scouts w/speeder 1 Luke w/speederbike 6 Sandtroopers (original POF2 w/orange paldraun) Um... Ya know, just email me if you're interested in a POF2 fig, chances are I have...
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    Ammo Wagon & Falumpaset

    yeah, that thing um, is that the FAO Schwartz exclusive? What does he want for it. I've got palm-talkers out the wazoo for a starter.
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    A wish list for you 12" SW line fan's!

    Money If money were flying out of my pocket, why would I bother with 12 inch scale toys of Star Wars vehicles? I would pay an aerospace firm to make me working, combat-worthy versions of the X-wing, Y-wing, A-wing, B-wing, Z95 Headhunter, TIE variants, etc.
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    Here's a question: Does this site have a form of ranking us posters? I know a lot of us are listed as "informers" are there any more ranks or such? If not, wouldn't it be easy to adapt that?
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    A wish list for you 12" SW line fan's!

    WTF? Huh? You guys are psychotic! Do you have idea of the cost each vehicle would go for? Honestly, I buy 12 " figures for the ability to easily customize them. Anyways um, didn't Hasbro *HAVE* vehicles for that scale? Remember the Falcon and Naboo Fighters that used to hang from...
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    Who's your top 10 most favorite comic characters?

    Mine My favorite Characters? 1) The Question 2) Green Arrow (Ollie Queen) 3) Green Arrow (Connor Hawke) 4) Aresenal 5) Nightwing 6) Daredevil
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    Most favorite SW blurbs found on TV or Movie poll!

    Clerks um, guys. In case you haven't noticed.... Kevin Smith is a huge Star Wars fan. That's kinda why if you flip this month's issue of the Insider over it has him on the cover. From the Death Star's independent contractors being murdered by Luke in Clerks. Mallrat's gave us Silent Bob...
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    Howdy fello SW fans...

    poll Ok, first off the Virago doesn't count because that's not from a scifi movie. If we do expanded SW stuff, how bout the Z-95 Headhunter!!!!! Woooo Hoooo!
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    What ship do you want next?

    woo hoo! I for one am ticked because EP2 should have these in the movies and vehicles should be made... Z-95 Headhunters! Gimme one! Action fleet, Hasbro size, Lego! All of them!