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    CollectorMania - London Denis Lawson will be signing Star Wars pics Is anyone going? I would love to get his signed pic. Let me know. thanks Rod
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    Even though I am tapped after CV, there is a good convention in September It has a pretty good guest list, including the Captain.
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    023 - Mark Jones (Commander Nemet)

    In case some you missed it, Mr. Mark Jones passed away in January. He will be missed.
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    021 - Burnell Tucker (Del Goren, Wyron Serper)

    strange, again mine has been out since March/09. may have to resend.
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    138 - Matt Lanter (Voice of Anakin Skywalker - Clone Wars)

    Success - signed 4/4. Didn't answer any of my questions, but still a nice response. I have included Ryan's Pic as a starter.
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    134 - Ashley Eckstein (voice of Ashoka Tano)

    Success! signed 4/4. Awesome sigs, took aprox 4 mos.
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    135 - Catherine Taber (voice of Padme Amidala)

    Success! Sent 4 photos, letter, SAE, $. I received all four signed. She included a letter responding to my questions and included a card from the Fan Days. Very Nice, thank you Ms. Taber!!!
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    127 - Christopher Muncke (Captain Khurgee)

    Very nice man. I emailed him and he has my pic. He just lost my address and will be sending out the pic shortly. Now, if only all the actors were like him.....
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    127 - Christopher Muncke (Captain Khurgee)

    Man! I have had mine out since April 09 at that address!!!!
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    137 - Tom Sylla (Voice in ANH, TPM)

    Nice and interesting success from Tom Sylla. Signed 3/4 photos, including a Battle Droid, and two Massassi Outpost Announcer photos, but did not sign the stormtrooper photo as he said he did not voice a stormtrooper. Interesting as I have seen other signed photos. He also included a 2 page...
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    136 - Jim Cummings (Voice of Hondo Ohnaka in The Clone Wars )

    Success - Very happy as Mr. Cummings signed all 3 photos I sent him and he included a nice letter outlining the recording of an episode of TCW. c/o Danis, Panaro & Nist 9201 W. Olympic Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA
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    056 - Tracey Eddon (ROTJ Stunt Double for Leia & C-3PO)

    Success! Ms. Eddon signed all 4 that I sent her. Very happy with this reply!!
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    113 - Rick Baker (Hem Dazon, Figrin D'an)

    After a 6 month wait, I got a very pleasant surprise as Mr. Baker signed all 4 photos I sent him. I am very happy with this reply!! I used the address above and will post a scan later.
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    004 - Oliver Ford Davies (Governor Sio Bibble)

    Very nice reply - Mr. Davies signed all three photos that I sent!
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    136 - Dee Bradley Baker (Voice of Commander Cody, Captain Rex - The Clone Wars)

    Nice response. Mr. Baker signed all four photos I sent. He didn't answer my questions, but still a very nice response. I will post pics later.
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    027 - Norman Chancer (Tamizander Rey)

    Very nice success, Mr. Chancer signed all three of my pics and even returned my $. Address used was the Harvey Voices address above.
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    079 - Brian Blessed (Boss Nass)

    Nice Success Today! I received all four signed and Mr. Blessed included his own B/W signed photo. He returned my letter with his signature on it, thanking me for the letter included the inscription "Big Love". Did not answer my questions although. address used: c/o Associated International...
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    136 - Dee Bradley Baker (Voice of Commander Cody, Captain Rex - The Clone Wars)

    Mr. Baker is a well known voice actor and is best known for his work on SpongeBob SquarePants, Halo and Gears of War. He does the voices of Commander Cody, Captain Rex and Clonetroopers on the Clone Wars. He seems to enjoy writing to his fans and can be reached TTM. c/o Sutton Barth & Vennari...
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    010 - Howie Weed (Wampa: Special Edition, Ketwol, Melas)

    WOW!!! That is the longest I have ever heard.