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    WOTC Trading

    Kendar’s WOTC miniatures want/trade list Wants Rebel Storm 2/60 – C-3PO 14/60- R2D2 34/60 – Scout Trooper on Speeder 48/60 – IG-88 55/60 – Greedo Revenge of the Sith 48/60 – Medical Droid Universe 30/60 – Tusken on Bantha 33/60 – AT-ST 48/60 – Luke Skywalker on Tauntaun I...
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    Greetings all, Kendar here from Australia also. I'm not a "traditional" collecter of figures but I do like my WOTC miniatures and will post my trade/want list as soon as I get myself organised if anybody out there is interested in trading. Talk to you soon Regards Kendar