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    Ashley Eckstein Hosts Her Universe Panel at Comic-Con

    the entire panel is available on YouTube, in 11 sections:
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    The Bothan Spies win The Bounty Hunt at CV!

    congrats to the Bothan Spies! :D i've put up the Thursday results on the site... still working on the Friday and Sunday results.
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    'Star Wars' Party: It's Do or Jedi!

    i wonder if he has nightmares about plo koon..
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    News: Do the Kessel Run at Celebration IV

    hope you guys had fun!
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    News: Do the Kessel Run at Celebration IV

    getting 100 teams to do bungee jumping would be rather expensive and time consuming. likewise, sausage is not in our budget. the Kessel Run should go from 11 am to 3 pm, with awards at 3:30. teams should show up early to make sure their slot doesn't end up being given away to waitlisted teams.
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    News: Do the Kessel Run at Celebration IV

    yay! i'm glad you were able to sign up for the Kessel Run. see everyone at Celebration IV!
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    Photos from Celebration III

    here's a link to my album, including pix of Wookiee_cookiee!
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    TBS Pumpkin Carving Contest winner

    nice work on the maul pumpkin!
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    Watto's Lotto week 38

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    Watto's Lotto week 37

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    A Star for Harrison Ford

    ironically, he is not the first harrison ford to get a star on the walk of fame... there is already a star for Harrison Ford, a silent film star who was in films from 1915-1932.. he died in 1957.,+Harrison+(II)
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    Watto's Lotto week 35

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    WePay III

    i can catch up in just a few days. 38 is my number!
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    Watto's Lotto week 34

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    Watto's Lotto week 33

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    Which X-Files Character Are You?

    i am SPECIAL REPRESENTATIVE TO THE SECRETARY GENERAL MARITA COVARRUBIAS talk about relatively minor character, when compared to all the others.
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    Gentle Giant Clone Trooper Exclusive

    hey.. i'll be at comic-con... if they will let people buy multiple clonetrooper busts, i can help hook people up, and get multiple entries for the get-scanned contest...
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    Watto's Lotto week 32

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    Coming soon...

    the emperor will be pleased.
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    Watto's Lotto week 31

    294 this week