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    003 - James Earl Jones (Voice of Darth Vader)

    Received a letter from JEJ's office today, it reads: "Thank you for your recent request for autographed materials from James Earl Jones. Due to an overwhelming work schedule he will not be available to sign any such items at least until after July 1st. He appreciates your understanding." A...
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    002 - Jason Wingreen (Voice of Boba Fett)

    Another great success from Mr. Wingreen today. He kindly signed my 10x8 (already signed by Chris Parsons and Cathy Munroe). I just need to add Jeremy Bulloch and Alan Harris to complete it. Mr. Wingreen also signed six cards and wrote a great letter answering my questions. Top man!
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    Autograph Successes!

    Don Bies pics.
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    Autograph Successes!

    Looks like Mr. Bies has been on a roll, I got my 10x8 and 3 cards back on Friday. I sent them February 6th last year! I'll post pics tomorrow. Happy New Year!
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    028 - Clive Revill (original voice of Emperor Palpatine in ESB)

    I'd given up on this one, especially after seeing people with successes within a couple of weeks, but after 9 months Mr. Revill came through. He signed my widevision and ccg. Very pleased.
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    041 - Paul Blake (Greedo)

    Thanks Ryan, I was surprised how quick it came back too. I actually sent a request in May 2006 but never heard anything back so sent again last week.
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    041 - Paul Blake (Greedo)

    Received a nice success from Mr. Blake today. He signed my 10x8 and widevision card. Took 10 days in the UK.
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    025 - John Dicks (Captain Lennox)

    I received great response from Mr. Dicks today. I sent him an Opix 10x8 and a CCG, He kindly signed them both. Took about 6 weeks from the UK using the Redfern address. Does anybody know the other caharacter or actors name in the photo? I just can't think who it is! Thanks.
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    Autograph Successes!

    Nice success fom John Hostetter today. I emailed him through his website asking him if would sign my pics, he kindly agreed and they arrived this morning taking about two weeks from the U.K. He also sent his own pic of him in Star Trek: Insurrection. Great Guy!
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    Autograph Successes!

    Success from special effects and make up genius Mark Coulier. I emailed him asking if he would mind signing a couple of my pics, he agreed but asked for a £10 cheque for Children In Need incase I was a dealer. I assured him I wasn't but had no problem donating the money, everybody's happy...
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    005 - Kenny Baker (R2-D2)

    Received a great success from Mr. Baker today, he kindly signed my 10x8's and cards. It's the first time I've written to Kenny even though he only lives about 15 miles from my house! Took around 6 weeks in the UK.
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    054 - Erik Bauersfeld (voice of Bib Fortuna & Admiral Ackbar)

    Nice success Bounty CK, when did you send them? I sent a couple of 10 x 8's on July 11th.
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    New to the boards

    Welcome to the boards! Those are great looking pics, I could be tempted to send some of those off but i'm probably too far in to start a new line of pics! I love the black and gold and have to agree, a large group of those would look fantastic on display! Good luck and enjoy. Matt.
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    Autograph Successes!

    It's been very quiet on the reply front for a while so I was more than pleased to receive a fantastic response from Danny Wagner. I sent him the Opix shot of Mawhonic, a 10x8 of him with Shak Ti and some cards of Kashyyk and Mustafar. He sent me a nice long letter answering my questions and...
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    How many requests you are still waiting?

    28, a few of these have been out for over 12 months. I haven't sent many out recently, but now that summer is coming to an end i'll get back on track.
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    Autograph Successes!

    Good question Ryan! I'll have to get back to you on that one, I haven't counted for a while. I'll let you know soon. Cheers.
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    079 - Brian Blessed (Boss Nass)

    Hi Bounty CK, it was about 4 months ago when I sent it so it was the Nederlander address. It looks like he's moved to a new address now. Good luck if you're sending a request.
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    Autograph Successes!

    Another success waiting for me when I returned from my holiday. Richard Edlund signed my 4 CCG's. Took around 7 months from the UK.
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    079 - Brian Blessed (Boss Nass)

    Returned from my holiday to find this behind my door from Mr. Blessed. A great success taking around 4 months in the UK.
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    042 - Phil Tippett (Myo, Doik N'ats)

    Ruturned from my holidays at the weekend to find a few pleasing pieces of mail including this from Phil Tippett. He kindly signed my 10x8 and two widevisions. Took around 5 months from the UK.