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  1. EV-9D9

    Favorite Terminator Movie

    T1 definitely. T2 was awesome, but more geared towards a slightly younger audience. T1 actually had an element of *fear* to it. And T3 is ok, but definitely the 3rd best of the trilogy.
  2. EV-9D9

    'Original' Star Wars Trilogy Coming to DVD

    I actually still have and watch the "Original" trilogy on VHS tape. I bought it just before the Special Editions came out on VHS tape (which I also have). But this is good because VHS tapes will eventually deteriorate.
  3. EV-9D9

    Hey, Im new

    Well Im a huge SW fan, although I like the original trilogy better. I have all 6 movies on DVD, and the 2 Clone Wars DVDs. I have read about a dozen EU novels, have an extensive SW figure collection, and SW lego collection. Also, I have dozens of SW video games. I see you have a large portion...
  4. EV-9D9

    Letter Substitution

    Toaster Slimed Malls
  5. EV-9D9

    X-Men movie

    I wish they had gone with a full-body suit of armor for Juggernaut, instead of that so obviously fake muscle suit. I mean, he has a full coverage suit in the cartoons....
  6. EV-9D9

    Spider-Man 3 movie

    I remember Theresa Russell from Wild Things. Thats the only thing I've ever seen her in though...
  7. EV-9D9

    Hey, Im new

    Hey, I registered a few months back but I havent posted till now. Hows the active-ness level of this site?