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    Best John Williams Music

    Well two of my favorite pieces of star wars john williams music would be Liea's theme followed closly by the main titles and the asteriod field. :)
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    Loose dark empire figures for trade

    Hey Peeps, I have Luke and Leia from the dark empire comics for trade. I do have the back playset that came with both too. will trade both figures for one of these loose unleashed figures: Aayla bossk tusken raider Luke jedi obi wan mace windu LMK! Thanks! Jedd
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    Small haves and wants list.

    Thanks Chris, but I managed to trade these already. Thanks though! Jedd
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    Small haves and wants list.

    Hey Guys, Since I am a little short in the cash department right now, I was hoping to trade for the stuff I need. LMK if we can do a trade. Needs: (carded) VOTC han solo (loose) VOTC luke VOTC leia OTC: Cloud car pilot bespin leia Haves: POTF2 carded: Luke...
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    Spare JQuille anyone?

    I might be able to pick one up for you at wal-mart darth aussie. Do you mind tri logo?
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    Stuff for trade

    Sent you a PM too. :)
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    Stuff for trade

    What do you want for the Silver clone?
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    New trades list

    Hey darth Aussie, Do you need the Hoth four pack loose or carded?
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    Need some unleashed.

    Thanks Greg, :) Yep, I could use a Dooku if it ends up to be really cheap(I'm a little low in the dough department right now) Thanks for you help! Jedd :)
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    Need some unleashed.

    Hey guys, I looking for some relativly cheap unleashed figures(yeah right! :) ) I also looking to get an early jump on a few new figures.. Needs: mace unleashed(Priority) Jedi luke unleashed obi wan unleashed Figures: bossk '04 found dengar '04 found general lando '04(Priority)...
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    Episode III title poll

    Rise of the empire sounds cool, just as long as it's not circle of the force or creeping fear. :banghead: I like"The fall of the Jedi" kinda like rise of the empire. :D
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    Happy Birthday Deathstar

    Happy birthday!! :cheers: :balloons: :drunk: :bday:
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    Stuff for sale

    All figures are $2 unless noted. POTF2 figures: 8D8 on tri logo card about C7 or 8 - $3 Pending Greedo han bespin(might be ff) Endor han brown pants General lando $3 Pending Bespin luke $3 malakili Hoth luke Jedi luke $3 Pending Ponda baba weequay Pending Crowd control trooper $4...
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    Solve the Scrambled Tiles!

    That's ok. :banghead: :) (I won't write it as fast next time. :D )
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    Solve the Scrambled Tiles!

    Hey Wookie. I sent you my reply to the puzzle, but I accidently put a wrong word in my answer. Can I send it again?
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    Are you needing these?

    I don't see anything on your list that I have. :( How much would these be to buy?
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    Word Associations

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    Are you needing these?

    Hey Darth aussie, I do still need a mace unleashed and tyrannus. Is there anything else you need for a trade? Thanks for any help! Jedd
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    other McQuarrie concept figures

    Vader would be cool, Also a ESB Fett and R2. :)
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    POTF2 stuff for sale,including others.

    Hey guys, I just put myself in the hole by buying the new optimus prime. So I need some dough! LMK if you see something and everything is mint loose complete unless stated. Thanks! Jedd All figures are $2 unless noted. POTF2 figures: 8D8 on tri logo card about C7 or 8 - $3 Greedo...