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    I know I don't post much but I must say mother Nature sucks

    hey I have returned to the house now and I have power. My parents house has lost a few shingles and one of the fences and my house was fine. I m now hoping that Ike is not coming thanks again for your support Kevin
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    I know I don't post much but I must say mother Nature sucks

    Hey I think we kinda dodged that one But yes yes i am safe i am just kinda bored and stuff. I did go to the ripley's museum out here and it was pretty cool. But i am hoping to sneak back in and find out if we lost the roof or a window or something. thanks for commenting there guys I will be...
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    I know I don't post much but I must say mother Nature sucks

    Hello there to all those i met at C IV and those of you who only know me as the rarest of the bothans I have decided to post a complaint against mother nature. As some are aware There is a gigantic hurricane again nailing my hometown (New Orleans if you couldn't guess) and i am tired of this...
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    Meowy Christmas!

    That tree looked unholy and alas I know that you visit the store and buy useless useless items for no reason. PS tell warren that i am wearing his underwear that he left from that night
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    CIV Darth Vader proof card and CIV coin giveaway

    Say Darth I think i have an extra one i will mail you when i send all them Dvd's and stuff i will mail it in the next week then you can send one to the honeymoon man and he can not feel left out:p
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    Star Wars Battlefront patch and CIV coin giveaway

    Yes i try hard to remain rare and obscure I think I am doing a great job at it:D
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    Transformers Mr Potato Head

    Awesome i want one
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    The Bothan Spy t-shirt giveaway

    the one that reminds me of wookies mother ummmm she kinda has a snagletooth but only wearing blue (i am fairly sure wookie will laugh, then again i don't know if that is true cause i never met her mother honestly):p
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    CIV Darth Vader proof card and CIV coin giveaway

    George I mean jabba the hut, either way you have something that is annoying and disgusting sorry if you don't know george consider yourself lucky
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    Aaron Allston giveaway

    the coloring book that skel gave me the picture from with leia and vader in a compromising situation yeah that and the pannini sticker books were awesome
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    CIV artist signed card giveaway

    jabba's dinner you know the little toads in his feeding bowl those things are awesome
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    Wookiee Cookiee's coat

    i see the hello kitty toaster but i didn't know there was a power puff girls george Foreman grill when will skel draw the line?????? ps speaking of george falling off a cliff, Ohhhhhhhh Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
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    CIV Concept R2-D2 & C-3PO giveaway

    my favorite is skel's mother she kinda looks like chewbacca:D (ps skel know's i am kidding and that i love your mother jokes he is not offended honestly i can read his thoughts cause i am good like that, besides its the truth.)
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    CIV report

    I the rarest of all bothans am the one with the mohawk. I am one of skels friends from New Orleans:p P.S. Hi Nice to meet you guys!
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    Last Call - Who's Going to C4 Poll

    Hey you guys may not know me but i have been stalking you guys on this site for a long time for those of you who don't know me i am Skel's friend and i just use you guys for the arcade and to read about your stuff but i will be going to C4 i like star wars however i am about as much for...