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    Rebo Band, AT-AT, Rancor, more to trade for Vintage

    Close please. Close please.
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    Ultimate Bad Trader!!! Please Read!!

    He rips you off and does not respond to your emails... Kerry Lawler Jedi_DJ Ambu_Fett There's at least 12 people he's ripped off. PASS THIS ON TO ALL TRADERS!!!! Thanks for any help you give to get this guy to either pay up or to drop off the face of the earth...
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    Anyone able to help me with my wants?

    It's hard enough to find the simple stuff here in Canada, let alone any HTF or exclusives... These are my wants, have are in the post below: POTF2 & EP1 items: Action Figures (carded if possible) ------------------------------------------ Admiral Motti AT-AT Driver...
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    Sounds like another *bad* trader This guy seems to be on the same level and Kerry Lawler, AKA Jedi_DJ or Ambu_Fett... I've read that if you get stiffed in a deal like this is it called Mail Fraud and the Post Office people really frown upon it. Sue the guy - I plan on suing the guy above if...
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    Really quick and makes good deals. 4 stars.
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    Offers great deals, quick and friendly. The force is strong with this one...
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    My List!

    Happen to have any of these available? And what are your wants? Thanks, Boba Fitt Admiral Motti AT-AT Driver Captain Piett Clone Emperor (Expanded Universe) Darktrooper (Expanded Universe) Darth Sidious (Holographic) Darth Vader with Removable Helmet Dash Rendar (SOTE) Ewoks...
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    Darth Dave

    My dealings with him were impressive. MOST impressive. He's good to trade with, and good to talk to. I recommend him. BF