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    Birthday Shoutouts!

    Happy Birthday everyone...Have a great one! :bday:
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    Once a Jedi, Now a Sandtrooper

    Best wishes, Dusty.
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    Happy Birthday Deathstar

    Thanks Guys, I did my best (Hic Hic)
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    "We have reached the point in the evening..."

    Wondering why Aceface doesn't take his own test on this or any other site?
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    Star Wars Zodiac

    ARIES The Emperor Inflecting pain, being the center of all things and likes being the leader. Not a bad job discription for Old Saddam. :fume:
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    Silver Clone Trooper

    I have seen about 200 of them at several TRU in the last two days.
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    figure poll results

    This is the figure that I voted for also. The Solo canidate was ahead in the earky running, but the right one did win, I think. I have the Scanning Tech in the Carry Case and another in the small blister, but I always wanted one on its own card. Looks like this will happen.
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    The New Look

    I like the new look as I don't have to wear my glasses anymore. You know, the new look reminds me more of the origional layout back in '01. NO COMMENT: like it either way would be considered a YES vote. :flame:
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    New Look for Some Sections

    Congrats guys. Great changes and color. Easier to read.
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    What Religion Are You?

    I'm a Buddhist. Buddhism is not a religion, although many people regard it as such. The teachings of the Buddha are not easy to understand to the westerner, unless you happen to study the teachings in college philosophy. THE PHILOSOPHIES OF ASIA by Alan Watts is a quick ref in the workings...
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    Ebay Feedback

    128 Positive ratings.
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    Original Trilogy DVD packaging?

    They look like winners to me. I would think they will be very popular and nice to have in any collection. Leave some room on the old credit card folks.
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    Farewell to

    Bummer man. Hate to see a well run SW site like that go down for the count. I was having a jolly good time on the Death Star Plans before it went kaput. Missed it for a while, but was able to move on.
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    silver this and that

    That's an excellent idea. However, they were kind of poorly made and being painted all silver....don't know. Maybe a modernized 70's figure would be a good compromise.
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    silver this and that

    All Hasbro has to do is to pick any pegwarmer, paint it silver and distribute just 5000 and watch all of us go nuts. I think the problem with the Silver's is that after TF Vader they weren't regarded as special anymore. With the way the figures are current plinking along in the stores, I...
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    Somewhat confused...

    Re: Re: Re: Somewhat confused... You may not believe this, but I called you Dusty about two years ago on another site and you just about gave me the same answer. No Kidding.:p
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    How often do you watch?

    Dust- I think all of what you are doing is a normal reaction from viewing the films too many times. I find myself doing the same thing and also playing the role as Director of the film and coaching the actors to speak their lines in a different way.
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    Somewhat confused...

    OK Dusty, you have to go and wake me after goin' AWOL for a few years. :D Got the "Spy" on my favorites, so I have no excuse not to come back.
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    How often do you watch?

    I have watched it so many times, I have it memorized.:D
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    What would be your top 5 all time dream jobs?

    Ah, we're still here. :D Aceface and WW still searchin' for a new home? Relax, you know me on another site.