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  1. aceface

    Ewan McGregor awarded Queen's OBE Honour

    If wikipedia is to be believed, he was "Born in the Royal Infirmary in Perth, Scotland". Also, I don't think an OBE is a knighthood.
  2. aceface

    Dustin "elected" SW Fan Club Pres

    This is true. The orbit I'm in takes me to parts unknown. Though I do land here more often than it would appear. Sounds purrrrrrfectly fine by moi. No fear have I.
  3. aceface

    Dustin "elected" SW Fan Club Pres

    Here's what I fail to understand: why do other fan sites fear rebelscum? Since made the announcement, I've seen a lot of chatter about it on the various fan sites. PW closed (and erased) the thread about it on his own site, a seemingly innocuous thread of my own creation was given a...
  4. aceface

    Documentary: Star Wars - Deleted Magic

    I emailed Garrett this afternoon. Here is his response... I just tried it (using Toast on my G5 iMac) and it wouldn't play on my DVD player. I have a few more options up my sleeve that I'll try out this weekend.
  5. aceface

    Documentary: Star Wars - Deleted Magic

    I too, have managed (after 5 continuous days of downloading!) to obtain "a bulging folder of stuff" that I'm not quite sure how to transfer to a DVD. Has anyone had success? If so, how did you go about it?
  6. aceface

    Saga DVD set in 2007??

    Well yes and no. I believe that Lucas only "owns" the sequels. He doesn't own the original Star Wars (aka A New Hope). Fox does. But money talks. As long as there is a new product to push (or an old product with endlessly reworked scenes, effects, cover art, etc.), Fox will surely go...
  7. aceface

    Lucas to make more Star Wars?

    But there have been plenty of roles for older people in the SW films. The Emperor, Obi-Wan ("Ben"), the assorted generals, officers, etc. And don't forget that Yoda was over 800 years old! Age is an important part of these stories. I think y'all are forgetting the excellent interview with...
  8. aceface

    Reconstruct Episode IV with LEGO

    Oh, but it has been built! Just look here. :D
  9. aceface

    Hall of Fame figs - differences?

    Actually, I think R2 is just the POTJ "Naboo Escape" R2 minus the blastmarks.
  10. aceface

    Hall of Fame figs - differences?

    There is a pretty good summary of the Hall of Fame figures here. I'm sorry that it's at another site. I hope no one takes offense. :)
  11. aceface

    Star Wars DVD Details

    There is an interesting rumor posted this morning at concerning this image...
  12. aceface

    Petition for the original films

    I don't have a problem with the "special editions" being released. What annoys me, is that the original versions will not be. All bonus material asside, that is the biggest missed opportunity.
  13. aceface

    The funniest film of the year...

    Here's a better one with Seinfeld...
  14. aceface

    "We have reached the point in the evening..."

    "...and now, the questionaire invented by my hero, Bernard Pivot. Le grand Bernard Pivot, pour 'Apostrophe' et 'Bouillon de culture'..." What is your favorite word?... What is your least favorite word?... What turns you on?... What turns you off?... What is your favorite curse...
  15. aceface

    Petition for the original films

    from ... Star Wars specs are trickling in Since Lucasfilm denied the usenet posters their annual chance to announce Star Wars on April 1st, the company as kind enough to post some legitimate information on the set. The first three discs will...
  16. aceface


    Looks like it's clearance time at Target again. This morning I found both Anakin's Starfighter and the Geonosian Fighter marked down to $13.98. A number of LEGO sets were also marked down, unfortunately, none of them were Star Wars sets ... yet. I did notice a number of employees in the...
  17. aceface

    Custom Lego Star Wars fighters

    Jabba's Sailbarge ... LEGO style... By a guy in France. Version 2. By Gareth.
  18. aceface

    The funniest film of the year...

    According to the funniest film of the year so far is a 5 minute American Express ad starring Jerry Seinfeld and Superman. Having just watched it (without laughing - or even grinning - once) I'm at a loss as to "why" it has earned this accolade...
  19. aceface


    Being born in 1971, I have an interest in most all of them. Especially Duran Duran as I never got to see the "classic" lineup in person. My second pick would be Van Halen, who have just announced their first (public) activity since 1997 (with Sam this time). I suppose my ultimate comback...
  20. aceface

    Links to Clone Wars cartoons