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    112 - Drewe Henley (Red Leader)

    Can anyone shed any light on this for me? Do these look like his writing or his wife's?
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    098 - Ted Gagliano (Sandtrooper - ANH Special Edition)

    For anybody interested, I received a reply from him today. Only took about 10 days.
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    Wanted: Kobold Flash

    Looking to buy an original Kobold Flash unit, specifically a Kobold BC as seen on Han's belt in ANH. If anyone has one that they wouldn't mind parting with, just let me know what kind of price range you are comfortable in and hopefully we can make a deal.
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    056 - Tracey Eddon (ROTJ Stunt Double for Leia & C-3PO)

    Hi guys, Hey, where do you get a copy of the sunbathing photo? I have been looking everywhere for it as I would like to send her an 8x10. Can't seem to find a decent size that would print off clearly on an 8x10. Any ideas?
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    Who is this?

    Just wondering if anyone can put a name to this face?
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    Denis Lawson TTM Success!

    I was just really surprised to get a response because I always thought he was so adamant about not signing Star Wars stuff. I even remember hearing about people who received their photos back with a note from his secretary saying that Denis does not sign Star Wars items.
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    Denis Lawson TTM Success!

    Well, I can't believe this! I received my fanmail request from Denis Lawson today (17 November). Sent it out on 17 September, so he only took two months to respond. But here's the real kicker: He signed my Star Wars 8x10 of Wedge Antilles! I just can't believe my luck on this one. Unless...
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    Jeremy Bulloch TTM Rumor?

    Really? I must have been one of his last TTM autographs. I sent out to him on 20 April 2011 and received back in early June.
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    Looking for Opinions on a Peter Cushing signature

    Just wondering if I can get any opinions of authenticity on this recent acquisition.
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    Address requests

    Yeah, I actually am having the same problem getting logged into Wattographs too.
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    Address requests

    Just have a quick couple of questions for you all. Does anyone happen to know of a fanmail address for Leeanna Walsman (Zam Wesell)? Any successes? Also wondering about Oliver Maguire who played Lt. Cabbel in ESB ("Sir, Rebel ships are coming into our sector"). I have that photo of him and...