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  1. Myo

    looking to buy a 4-LOM, Libria or Ellorrs Madak

    Hey im looking for a 4-LOM, Libria or Ellorrs Madak if anyone in AUSTRALIA have any of these loose or not opend please send me a message thanks.
  2. Myo

    Eddie Guerrero Passes Away at 38

    its pretty bad, he was suppost to be in a triple threat match against randy orton and batista, i wonder who will replace him, he was a crwd favourite, poor guy, R.I.P eddie
  3. Myo

    ****StoryTyme 2****

    ...the Slave 1 in the ....
  4. Myo


    thankyou for the nice greeting, is their many aussies on this site?
  5. Myo


    Hi im Andrew i live in Sydney, NSW, Australia, im 15 years old and i like Batman, Starwars and wrestling. Im not a big fan of Siths or Jedi's i usally like the those skiff guards about to exicute luke, han and cheewy, or the cantina characters in the cantina crowd like djas puhr, myo and Ellorrs...