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  1. Stevetrooper

    DK Clone Wars Character Encyclopedia

    (Wow, I guess it has been awhile since I was on Bothan spy. It looks completley different.) Anyway, I just had to rant here. No offence to all you Clone Wars fans, but As soon as I heard that this show was coming out, I knew it meant one thing for me: Fewer and harder to find Star Wars movie...
  2. Stevetrooper


    How about a section for showcasing custom figures?
  3. Stevetrooper

    New Target Exclusives

    I'm interested in the new T.I.E. Fighter, but am a little put off by the red windows.
  4. Stevetrooper

    Avatar the movie

    Story-wise it was basically "Dances With Wolves" in space, but it was done very well and, yes, the visuals are so astounding (especially in Imax 3D) that it is absolutely a must see. The Navi are amazing. It is the first time that I have ever "believed" a humanoid CGI main character as real.
  5. Stevetrooper

    What is your favorite reality show?

    I agree totally. They churn all that garbage out because it is so cheap to produce and takes very little creativity or writing talent. It is the bane of television.
  6. Stevetrooper

    Ricky Gervais next project starring Warwick Davis!

    I love Gervais and I love Davis, so I will definately be doing a series record of THIS on the ol' DVR. :)
  7. Stevetrooper

    Electric cars to get Star Wars sounds?

    The original Landspeeder sounds would be cool.
  8. Stevetrooper

    More Celebration V shirts!

    I almost want to get back with my gilfriend just so we could wear those two cool Leia/Han shirts. (almost).
  9. Stevetrooper

    Ashley Eckstein Hosts Her Universe Panel at Comic-Con

    Wow. That is one hot sci-fi chick!
  10. Stevetrooper

    Indiana Jones 5 movie

    No way will I be seeing it, after that last disaster.
  11. Stevetrooper

    Walmart exclusive Octuparra Droid

    Hopefully they will release this in movie colors.
  12. Stevetrooper

    My new pet Falcon

    I think I'm going to sand the ends of the barrels flat and dremel some small holes in them. Then I will glue them in and maybe cut or sand down the buttons on the sides that make them shoot. Either that or try to get a second bottom gun and secure it in place with some sculpey or something.
  13. Stevetrooper

    Your Help Needed...

    One thing I remember from the late 70's that I don't think there is a modern equivalent of (correct me if i'm wrong) is the star wars necklaces. They were simple, yet nice looking pieces. Basically just the front of a helmet made of metal and painted or powder coated in the correct colors and...
  14. Stevetrooper

    R.I.P. Actor Paul Newman

    God bless him, he was one of the few actual "good people" in hollywood. I don't think I ever heard a bad thing about the guy. Great actor, great philanthopist and obviously must've been a great husband, father and grandfather.
  15. Stevetrooper

    My new pet Falcon

    I have this too. very awesome. I agree on the cockpit door. that would've been nice, even if figures could not fit through easily. I would also have liked it if the interior doors that lead to the mini fighter could open. Also, they should've left out the firing missle gun barrels. It already...
  16. Stevetrooper

    George Lucas: Indiana Jones 5 possible

    I agree, they should let the character rest and see if they can still come up with good ORIGINAL stuff instead of continually milking thier 70's/80's heydey properties like a has been rock band.
  17. Stevetrooper

    Happy Birthday Stevetrooper!!!!

    Thanks everyone.
  18. Stevetrooper

    Limited Royal Guard Hallmark Ornament

    Wow it's almost the perfect size! Except for being a little too dark of red, it actually looks better than the figures! p.s. you almost had me fooled with that mirror. Nice collection of army builders though. Kudos.
  19. Stevetrooper

    My Royal Guard helmet has arrived!

    Looks great. All you need now is a big piece of red cloth. Good luck with that one. :)
  20. Stevetrooper

    Clone Wars Toy Madness

    Got "Disturbance Of The Force" set at Comicon on Star Wars day (Friday) then went that night to Toys R Us Midnight Madness also in San Diego. There I got BMF, AT-TE, Homing Spider Droid, V-19, 4 Evolutions sets (Bounty Hunters, Amidalas, Pilots 1 and Pilots 2) as well as IG Lancer Droid and...