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  1. SWfan

    My Autograph Collection Website

    After several months of working on it, I finally finished my autograph collection website a couple weeks ago and it is now live! Check it out and let me know what you think! :)
  2. SWfan

    Ewan McGregor TTM Success!!!

    Had to stop by and share this! I'm super excited right now!! Today I got an awesome reply from Ewan Freaking McGregor!! He signed my photos and Star Wars cards, wrote a note on a piece of paper, and drew a thistle (the emblem of Scotland) on my envelope!! I'm a huge fan of Ewan and this is one...
  3. SWfan

    TJ Maxx

    Was at TJ Maxx today and found a Rebel Transport Speeder on clearance for only $5. I bought it. :D They also had a Star Wars Transformer and one of the Walmart Clone Wars DVD packs.
  4. SWfan

    Walmart 8 Packs

    Might want to check out your local walmarts! Went yesterday and they had the black friday 8 packs marked down to $12.50!! 8 figures for the price of one is an awesome deal! :D I don't usually buy action figures anymore cause they're just so dang expensive, but I picked up 2 of these. :) I got...
  5. SWfan

    4 Free Weeks Of Startiger

    Thought I'd post this here in case anyone's interested. It's the site I use for all my TTM addresses. Just use this code for 4 weeks free: FREE-ACDL-EA32 Merry Christmas!
  6. SWfan

    Fanboy Expo

    I went to Fanboy Expo last weekend. Star Wars guests they had were David Barclay, Mark Dodson, Tim Rose, Anna Graves, Corey Dee Williams and Stephen Constantino. I met David, Mark, Tim and Anna along with a few of the non Star Wars guests. They were all very nice, signed my items and chatted...
  7. SWfan

    George Lucas sells Lucasfilm to Disney, Plans To Release Star Wars 7!

    Wow, I never thought this would happen! Hopefully they don't ruin it!
  8. SWfan

    Pocket Warwick!

    Warwick Davis in my Ipod.. This looks funny. I'll be getting it when it comes out tomorrow. (: Full article here:
  9. SWfan

    Just Returned From Filming...

    A Harrison Ford movie!!!! :D:D I got a chance to be an extra in the movie "42" this week! As a huge Harrison Ford/ Star Wars/ Indiana Jones fan this is a dream come true!! It's the top of the bucket list for me! I got to film a few scenes and see HARRISON FREAKIN FORD in person!! :D I may even...
  10. SWfan

    Star Wars Celebration VI

    CVI was announced today!!:D It will be August 23-26 2012 in Orlando again!! I will definately be there! So who else will be going?
  11. SWfan

    Photo Pages

    Does anyone know where to get 1 pocket or 4 pocket pages for 4x6 photos? Do they even exist? I've looked all over and can't find any anywhere. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.:)