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  1. cplfreezer

    2010 Pre-Christmas Giveaway #3

    A Bothan Spy
  2. cplfreezer

    David Prowse Banned

    George Lucas bans the actor that plays Darth Vader from all Star Wars events. Vader actor banned by George Lucas. Actor David Prowse, best known as the physical form of Darth Vader in Star Wars, is banned from all events. It's an amazing story on how George Lucas claims that the Vader actor...
  3. cplfreezer

    2008 Christmas Giveaway #1

    Elf I would like a Mister Potato Head Spud Trooper
  4. cplfreezer

    drunk pumpkin

    Happy Halloween :)
  5. cplfreezer

    R2 D2 Mailbox

    WASHINGTON - Thirty years ago, in theaters near and far, far away, a movie opened the imaginations of millions, combining the magics of mythology and special effects to launch the "Star Wars" phenomenon. A star of those films — the brave little robot R2-D2 — is about to take a turn...
  6. cplfreezer

    Happy Birthday cplfreezer!!!

    Thank you. It was a nice day here in the land of two rivers.
  7. cplfreezer

    What's your favorite Star Wars scene?

    Solo shooting Greedo
  8. cplfreezer

    Harry Potter thread

    Your in-depth results are: Gryffindor - 15 Ravenclaw - 13 Hufflepuff - 10 Slytherin - 8
  9. cplfreezer

    Episode III Title?

    ORIG by Borsk "Rick McCallum was asked if Episode III would be called BIRTH OF AN EMPIRE. His response was, "Not even close."" Jar Jar's :censored: Revege is what I'm hoping to see.
  10. cplfreezer

    The funniest film of the year...

    I thought it was funny. :guns:
  11. cplfreezer

    Reputation System

    I say leave it disabled. The trading feedback is enough. :argue:
  12. cplfreezer

    Birthday for Borsk

    Man I hate tests. So I failed again. :toed:
  13. cplfreezer


    While a buy and not a trade, I am very pleased with the deal I made with JoeWhite. Friendly and prompt communication. No question I would do it again. :guns:
  14. cplfreezer

    Birthday for Borsk

    It looks like the upgrade was a Birthday Present to himself. Happy Birthday :balloons: :bunny:
  15. cplfreezer

    Nightwing's nitpick's: holo Luke

    Could this become another forum topic? Help Me Chris Solo... Your my only hope.... for a new poll :D
  16. cplfreezer

    Dagobah Diorama Complete

    very nice
  17. cplfreezer

    AmShak's Birthday...

    Happy Birthday :balloons: :cheers: