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    Jeremy Bulloch TTM Rumor?

    well he has stated before that US fans do not send enough money to cover costs to send the mail back to the US. makes sense.
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    2010 Christmas Giveaway #2

    taun taun because i like it cold. and if they kicked the bucked i could live in them for a while.
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    2010 Christmas Giveaway #3

    leia and han's pistol
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    2010 Christmas Giveaway #4

    Pre Vizsla only because its last name is after a breed of dog.
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    2010 Christmas Giveaway #1

    whatever type of creture salacious crumb was! i think he would have fun there.
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    035 - John Morton (Dack Ralter, Boba Fett)

    got mine last week. 5 years later, still its very cool that he did this for us. i am happy:)
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    2010 Pre-Christmas Giveaway #3

    a wampa. Special edition version.
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    2010 Pre-Christmas Giveaway #1

    my name would be Ry-Sparkles courtesy of my 4yr old daughter. :)
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    2010 Pre-Christmas Giveaway #2

    Hoth. because i love the cold and wampa's!
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    111 - Leslie Schofield (Chief Bast)

    finally recieved a nice reply with 2 pics signed and inscribed. it took about 2 years. really happy because i forgot about this one....
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    What letter(s) did you mail out today?

    sent to benoit girard of lost fame. he did the digital work for smokey and the 4 toed statue. hope the addy works for me. its been so long...
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    2009 Christmas Giveaway #10

    mynock = greatness!
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    2009 Christmas Giveaway #6

    nice! pm coming to you cookie! thanks and merry x-mas.
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    2009 Christmas Giveaway #13

    binary sunset
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    2009 Christmas Giveaway #12

    the "rookies"