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    Star Wars f/s

    I have some star wars stuff I am looking to sell. E-mail me if interested: JAMTHEPEDAL@SBCGLOBAL.NET UGH Titanium Slave 1 (Silver) (2x) $6 ea UGH Titanium Clone Wars Gunship $6 MOC Saga Clone Commander Cody (2x) $8 ea MOC ROTS #34 Black Clone Pilot (2x) $8 ea S/H is $5 for US...
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    Gentle Giant Vader Giveaway

    My hope would be for a choking Admiral Motti to go with my Tarkin bust. 9
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    Barada A+

    Sorry, late feedback... Just wanted to give a thumbs up to Barada. He mailed me a money order from CA and went good from there. Your figures are on their way, man! A+ and thank you. David Hypochondriaac
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    For Sale: $5 figures

    PM Sent back.
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    For Sale: $5 figures

    I'm selling all of my figures at $5 each. I will discount with multiple buys. Here's my list: MOC Holographic Plo Koon $5 (SOLD) MOC R4-P17 $5 (SOLD) Moc C-3PO $5 (2 available) MOC Royal Guard (Blue) $5 (SOLD) MOC POTF2 R2-D2 w/Holo Leia $5 MIP Target Obi-Wan Lava $10 (SOLD) MIP Target...
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    25+ Carded ROTS #06 Clone Trooper Lot

    Okay, i've decided to sell these all individually. I am asking $5.25 each and $3.85 s/h per figure. I will a discount if you make a purchase of 4 or more clone troopers. These are all non-mint (bends and creases to the corners of the cards). These would be excellent for loose army builders and...
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    25+ Carded ROTS #06 Clone Trooper Lot

    25+ Carded ROTS #06 Clone Trooper (changed) I have right now a lot of 25 carded ROTS #06 Clone Troopers. I originally planned to make a diorama from the movie, but never got around to it. I am asking $125 for all ($5 each). Shipping is not included with this cost. Cost will be determined by...
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    New here

    Hi, New here. Just found this cool site. Looks like a very good forum you guys got here.