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    Official Pix Replacement?

    Or just take some JPGs to walmart and print them out? Also, is Wattographs no more? Havent been able to get the page to load for a few days now.
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    Official Pix Replacement?

    I used to purchased the nice quality 8x10's from Official Pix for the TTM autos. Now that OP does not have a the Star Wars license, does anyone know where to purchase nice quality 8x10's or pictures in any size or do I need to look into a good quality printer?
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    New Addresses for Unlisted Names

    Gonna try Matt Sloan again. Seems he is with a new talent agency. Will update.
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    Autograph Successes!

    I concur, Greg. I have slacked off a little bit lately, but there are a few people who I have had trouble with. Does anyone know where I can get a good address for Sam Witwer? What about David Collins (Proxy)? Or Frank Oz?