zbpim/Zen? Wher are you?

Discussion in 'Trading Feedback' started by richkulach, Dec 30, 2001.

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    zbpim/Zen? Where are you?

    In the middle of all this "Tristan" mess, I wonder if I should be posting this now, but it has been a while (2 months) since my trade with zbpim/Zen Pimentel.

    I have tried mailing him many times, and I get no responce from him. I was just wondring if anyone has delt with zbpim/Zen in the last few months. The trade was for my Gumgan Sub w/Obi-wan for his Death Star Droid. Here is all the info that I know about him.

    A week after the trade was final, he sent me an e-mail saying that he has not gotten to the post office since the Antxrax scare, which I totally understand, but I still have not recieved anything. Worse yet, is that I have not recieved any e-mails from him, even though I have sent him more than a few.

    If any one knows zbpim/Zen, please let me know that I would like to hear from him. Thanks.
  2. zbpim

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    HERE I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I just received an email from Amshak! I still have not received anything from your end, and I am assuming you still have not received the Deathstar Droid I sent out. It beats the hell out of me what could have happened, I even went to the post office and asked if they had any mail on hold for me and they had nothing. They said I should consider that the mail I sent out could have been in the batch of mail that was on hold for anthrax testing that was destroyed. It was all over the local news(if anyone is from the SJ Bellmar region, you can back me up!!). Anyway, giving the benefit of the doubt it was in the batch, it still does not explain what happened to the Gungan Sub w/Obi Wan on your end. To be honest, I didn't reply to your emails because I thought you pulled a fast one on me. I didn't bring it to Amshak's attention only because the figure I sent out was purchased for only $2.99, and not worth the headache. But if you went to all this trouble to have Amshak contact me, I would hope you're telling the truth. I am willing to send one of the two I have left out again, maybe to a mediator first, so I know I'll be getting my package this time. Sorry I didn't respond to your other emails, I thought you were trying to get more figs out of me. Lets make this trade happen, but with a mediator this time. Also, could you take my address off this page please!!!!
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    First of all, zbpim, It is good to hear that you are still around.

    I don't know what happened to the Gungan Sub that I sent to you, and I definately have not received anything yet. I did mail it on Halloween, although I don't have a receipt anymore.

    I really thought you were trying to pull a fast one. I tried mailing you so many times with no responce, that I just finally gave up on trying to contact you directly. Just a quick e-mail from you to me, saying that you have not recieved anything yet would have been fine.

    I'm not here to sling mud, but I have very good feedback here, and on a few other sites, but you don't have any that I see. I'm not saying that you didn't send a package, but I have completed many trades here and have had no problems.

    As for doing this trade again, I can't do that because I don't have any more Gungan Subs. So I don't know what else to say, but I guess this deal is dead.

    P.S.- As you probably have seen, I have removed your address at your request.

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