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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Nightwing, May 6, 2004.

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    Zam Wessell bust: New pictures!

    I got the Zam Wessell bust recently: won it on eBay at just about the price that you would expect to pay for a Gentle giant Bust in the shops.

    Qut of the original line-up, Zam, and probably Yoda were the only two that I really liked, and still would be the only two that I would think about buying.

    The original line-up are very different from what is being produced now. This is from the very bust right down to the box and how it is packaged.

    The box is more width than height whereas this is the opposite now. There is just one small illustration of the bust on the box. Inside, you find the certificate, but unlike today’s busts, there is nothing protecting it. No plastic(this is all going to change though with Bossk, where a two sided certificate the size of a trading card will replace the old certificate).

    The bust is still contained within Styrofoam, but within, is contained only in a plastic bag and not carefully wrapped in paper. The bust itself is a proper bust: head, shoulders and chest – no arms. I prefer the ones with arms myself.

    As for this bust, I like it. A very good likeness(it should be, seeing as it is scanned), and good colours. My only gripe with it, are the goggles and their holders. The wires that hold them are very loose(when I first opened the box, one of them was not connected properly and had to be put back in place) and do not match symmetrically. Whether they should or not, I do not know.

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    I'm not a big a fan of the earlier busts. but they got better really quick. Just a side not, my tarkin bust certificate did not come in a plastic bag. it's just loose. All the others did though.
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    Gentle Giant seem to like to produce busts of characters that you wouldn't expect to see released...

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