"You Rebel Scum" Winners

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    Rebel Scum has selected the winners for their 10th anniversary giveaway.​

    First they enlisted Barrie Holland, who played Lt. Renz in Jedi and uttered the words that became the inspiration for the site name: "You Rebel Scum!". The winner will receive a package of photos from him of that famous scene AND the winner will also receive a personal telephone call from Barrie during which he can answer any questions the winner may have about it.

    They didn't stop there though. How about a custom 12" figure, complete with a Gentle Giant scan of the winner's head rendered in 12" scale and put on a 12" Hasbro figure of the winner's choice? That's right, your head, scanned by Gentle Giant, and put on a 12" figure!!

    They will also award 10 additional prizes, which will be photos of the famous scene, autographed by Barrie Holland.

    Click Here to check it out.​

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