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    So I went ahead and opened my 4 Droid Factory packs (I have all but Anakin/Cortosis Droid/Dark Trooper Arms). Overall, nice sets....if not entirely new.

    Corran Horn and Whistler....regardless of your preference for flight suit color..and maybe lightsaber color, this is a good super-artic X-Wing pilot fig. He has a nice unique head sculpt, that stands out as a "hero". I really don't have a set image of Corran in my mind, so I can't really comment on likeness. His helmet also has a unique paint scheme, so with or without helmet on, he will stand out in any diorama. His lightsaber is pale blue. Whistler, his astromech, uses the recent periscope dome body.

    Darth Maul and I-5YQ.....appears to be the Evolutions version of Maul...with a soft goods cloak. I-5YQ is the main interest here....based off a droid in the Shadow Hunter novel. He is essentially a gray C-3PO with a unique head and an opening chest cavity revealing a blue box resembling a holocron. Been a while since I read the book, so I don't remember what it is exactly...and the package doesn't say. I'd check the Encyclopedia but it's in the bedroom where Erica is currently sleeping. :p Something about needing a nap so she can work a 12-hour shift overnight.

    General Grievous and CB-3D.....Grievous is based off an older ROTS fig...possibly a frankenstein. Has a nifty soft goods cape. Otherwise...yawn. CB-3D is based off a droid in the General Greivous comic book. Uses the same periscope astromech body, and otherwise looks like R2-2 but with burnt umber coloring.

    Droids cartoon Boba Fett with BL-17. The previous cartoon Fett was based on the Holiday Special. They appear to be identical, although I can't reach my HS Fett as he is in the case behind a diorama now. In addition to a pistol, this Fett comes with his traditional rifle, whereas the HS Fett came with that U-shaped prod/blaster. A cool looking fig. Actually a welcome addition to any bunch of Mandos, as my other one is in the case with my other Cartoon figures. BL-17 is a real winner here....a completely new looking droid (although only his torso and head are actually new peices). This droid apparently was in the Droids cartoon, and according the package retcon, was a Battle Legionaire droid designed to serve Mandos uring the Clone Wars. Regardless of backstory, this is a cool looking droid that would look great in any diorama.

    As for the Phase III Dark Trooper, I'm missing the arms, but he looks pretty good. While it is pretty stable...the super-articulation gives it a slightly less stable feel, compared to the old Dark Trooper that was a solid rock of plastic. While various details are different....the biggest changes being to the backpack, this is basically the same figure as before, only bigger, darker, and more articulated. It's immense size makes the original Phase III figure look like a Phase II.

    Now, on to a complaint....the CW Super Battle Droid Commander...aka Heavy Assault SBD. His cannon arm doesn't bend. It rotates left and right...but is DOESN'T bend. I snapped his arm off about 10 seconds after opening the package. :mad: I'll try and exchange him for another one. It doesn't glue back on well. I'm sure if I'd spent a few more seconds looking at it, I could have figure that out, but I didn't expect it to just snap off instantly.


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