Watto's Lotto week 26

Discussion in 'Contests & Games' started by wookiee_cookiee, Mar 19, 2003.

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  1. bedlam412

    bedlam412 Scoundrel

  2. jfrog2002

    jfrog2002 Sith Master

    126...will it never end!

    (I just noticed how close I got last week!!! It came up 621...the correct numbers but in reverse order!!! I guess my odds have just dropped substantially of those same numbers coming up again.)
  3. schmuck man

    schmuck man Jedi Bagpiper

  4. CaptainAlex

    CaptainAlex Beach Bum

  5. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

  6. dscollector

    dscollector New Recruit

    week 26

  7. Guttersnipe

    Guttersnipe New Recruit

    2-3-4 Please.
  8. xwing25

    xwing25 New Recruit

    8 6 1 for me again when will you call my number?
  9. gatorfett

    gatorfett Dark Lord


    sorry if this is a dup!
  10. nack5811

    nack5811 Spy

  11. jk275

    jk275 New Recruit

  12. PadmeFaith

    PadmeFaith New Recruit

  13. Darth Boru

    Darth Boru Celtic Sith

    sticking like glue to 679 :)
  14. DarkJediCB

    DarkJediCB Sith Trooper

  15. JediBeagle

    JediBeagle New Recruit

  16. Clark

    Clark New Recruit

    I'll take 218 please...Thanks.


    JEDI FREIJAN a.k.a. Darth Kraam

  18. Da Monkey

    Da Monkey New Recruit

  19. Jedi Yun

    Jedi Yun New Recruit

  20. Obi-Dad

    Obi-Dad New Recruit

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