Watto's Lotto Week 11

Discussion in 'Contests & Games' started by wookiee_cookiee, Dec 4, 2002.

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  1. the bart

    the bart New Recruit

  2. darthskellington

    darthskellington Dark Lord of the Typos

    5 2 8 ...... again.......

    The force is strong with this one.
  3. cplfreezer

    cplfreezer Mind Bender

  4. panchor

    panchor New Recruit

  5. hc37180

    hc37180 New Recruit

    106 puleaaaze!!
  6. obre

    obre Spy

    259 for this week (as week before, and week before and ....)
  7. JediBeagle

    JediBeagle New Recruit

  8. Darth Dug

    Darth Dug New Recruit

  9. eclusion

    eclusion New Recruit

    my guess


    Hey Cookies,
    I have an idea (to help me win Mwahahahah)
    You should let people have an extra guess for each week they have played. That way your loyal players are rewarded and some new person can't (as easily) come snatch it from us.
  10. nanja

    nanja New Recruit

    lucky 576 for me
  11. max one

    max one New Recruit

    5-6-2 again
  12. CoruscantCosta

    CoruscantCosta Ewok Cheif

    i thought i already posted on this one. hmmm.

    ill go with 483
  13. Da Monkey

    Da Monkey New Recruit

  14. robbathehutt

    robbathehutt New Recruit

  15. Jedi Yun

    Jedi Yun New Recruit

  16. schmuck man

    schmuck man Jedi Bagpiper

    um... 653
  17. Obi-Dad

    Obi-Dad New Recruit

    Let me go back to trying 391
  18. regnod

    regnod New Recruit

  19. darkside449

    darkside449 New Recruit

    921 will do fine
  20. JediClone

    JediClone New Recruit

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