'Watto's Lotto 03' week 30

Discussion in 'Watto's Lotto' started by wookiee_cookiee, Sep 1, 2004.

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    JEDI FREIJAN a.k.a. Darth Kraam

  2. Darthskelington didn't reply to his winnings? Dang dude, you're always on this site. What happened? Who am I kidding, you probably already have dupes of all of these figures anyways. Am I right? :p
  3. Zepp

    Zepp Interstellar Buccaneer

    As always...

  4. Darth Dug

    Darth Dug New Recruit

  5. nack5811

    nack5811 Spy

  6. mynock11

    mynock11 Sith Medic

  7. Darth Boru

    Darth Boru Celtic Sith

    679 please.
  8. chilaquil66

    chilaquil66 New Recruit

    6 1 4

    Thank You.
  9. DarkJediCB

    DarkJediCB Sith Trooper

  10. cplfreezer

    cplfreezer Mind Bender

  11. jor_supersid

    jor_supersid New Recruit

    dang do i need that trooper and bail got ripped off on ebay :(
  12. Jedi Yun

    Jedi Yun New Recruit

  13. gatorfett

    gatorfett Dark Lord

  14. wookiee_cookiee

    wookiee_cookiee Moderator Staff Member

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