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Discussion in 'Trading' started by katnipp, Jun 28, 2002.

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    O.K. boys and girls...GAME ON!!!

    I got back last night around midnight from my little excursion to DisneyWorld to pick up the exclusives. I've got good news and bad news. The good news is that I've picked up all three (not two) of the Disney Star Tours exclusived--RX-24 "Rex", G2-4T, and R3-D3. The bad news is, I could only pick up five complete sets so I now only have four sets up for trade. Disney is enforcing the five set per "paying" patron rule, so by the time I ran back out to my truck, changed shirts and returned to the store, they were once again sold out. I was told by an employee of "Once Upon a Toy" that they get shipments every Thursday night/Friday morning and they've always been sold out by noon that same day. Very few of the figures were in "mint" condition although I did get the pick of the bunch as the store opened about 15 minutes early leaving many to arrive a little late to trash the place.

    With that being said, and if you didn't read my posts before, here's what we're gonna do:

    I'm currently taking "silent bids" for these three awesome figs. The bidding starts right now and will end at midnight EST on Wednesday, July 31st . After this deadline, I'll contact everyone with the outcome who participated. All four sets of figures will go regardless of what is offered, therefore there is no reserve.

    Fine Print: I reserve all rights in choosing the winners in reference to my own wants list as listed below. I've added a ton of POTF figures to my wants list that I still need so it should be easy to hit some of the items that I still require.

    I will keep the highest integrity in making my selections-for example...if you are number 4 on my list and you offer a Saga "Bloody" Luke and the number 9 person also offers a "Bloody" Luke...you'll win as you were higher on my original list.

    Question from participant: "If number 4 offers you the same item as number nine, what's keeping you from taking number 9's item just because you like it better?" To clarify-if the number 4 person offers a "Bloody" Luke in C-7 condition, and number 9 offers a "Bloody" Luke in C-9.5 condition, then obviously, this is the catch 22. Condition is the only measure to accept someone else's item over yours.

    Question from participant: "If I offer a C-9.5 POTF figure on your wants list and someone offers you a C-9.5 EU figure from your wants list, how do you determine who gets the exclusives?" This is a tricky one, but I'll try to elaborate by stating, "it depends." It obviously depends on just how hard the item is to get or if I've had trouble in the past getting this item. As any collector knows, EU figures are slightly harder to acquire than most of the common POTF figures. But, as I stated, if I've had quite a bit of trouble acquiring the POTF figure in the past or it is fairly hard to come by, I'll select the POTF figure over the EU.

    Question from participant: "How do I know if I'm winning or losing after I've placed my silent bid?" This is one of the biggest issues that the controversial ArtoosNews relayed to me and here's the only thing I can come up with: A silent bid is obviously made silently...thus deleting the "bartering" portions of a trade and seeming to make the endeavor a little more fair for everyone as you all bid "in the blind." Because I don't want anyone to get offended or angry with the selections that are made on Thursday morning, I'll give those of you who are interested the availability to email me with your request for the current winning list, although this is against my original intent of the reasons for this new idea.

    Unfortunately, to prevent "dead-beat" bidders and to protect my investment, winning bidders must ship first if they cannot produce "valid" positive feedback. Rest assured as I have positive trades/feedback on the Jawa, JundlandWastes, and RebelScum. This "silent trade" is NOT limited to U.S. residents, but I will pay USPS Priority shipping to U.S. winners only-if you're a winner from somewhere other than the U.S., you will have to pay for the shipping costs (Sorry guys, the USPS is killin' us now.)

    I take great pride in packaging my products to prevent damage by the USPS. Most will say that I overkill the padding, but it is for the protection of your products.

    If you don't win this time around, don't worry. I'll probably plan a trip to DW at least every other month. I've got people asking for the Star Tours exclusive weapons as well. The Disney store also has some other HTF items like the 12" Ki-Adi Mundi (which I also picked up). They're a little pricey ($9.99 per 3 3/4" figure), but the store itself is awesome!

    So...let me shut up and let's get this thing started. If you have any questions at all, just ask before the Wednesday night deadline. If it's a question that I think everyone would like the answer to, I'll answer and forward to everyone. Good Luck!!!

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    UPDATE...July 31

    Added to Haves:

    Unleashed Darth Maul (Opener)
    Unleashed Jango/Boba Fett (Opener)
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    Hi all, just dropping you a quick line to announce the winners of the Disney exclusive Star Tours Figures-RX-24 "Rex", G2-4T, & R3-D3.

    First I'd like to thank all who've participated. This endeavor wasn't initially created to pit any of you against each other-thus the "silent" portion of the offers to make it exciting for each of you by not knowing what the next person is or isn't offering. One thing that I guess I didn't take into consideration before we started this was that the Star Tours figures may mean more or less to some collectors than others. Alas, there was nothing I could do to remedy this. As I stated earlier to all of you, I only had four sets of the figures to trade. I really do wish I could have acquired more for all of you. But, I still plan on making return trips to Disney just for the reason of picking up more figures and if you didn't win today, we'll work something out later...not through another silent trade as you'll see why.

    This thing was really alot of work. Before I list the winners, I'll explain how I came to my conclusions of a final decision to attempt to make things as fair as possible to all of you. First, I let you decide what you wanted to offer as compared to my wants list. Secondly, I let the typical Star Wars collector-through their eBay purchases-set the stage for the items that you've offered. Let me explain in a little further detail:

    1. I looked up the item that you've offered in the Star Wars Super Collector's Wish Book by Geoffrey T. Carlton (if you don't have this book, run...don't walk.) Let's say you offered a POTF Tatooine Skiff item #P2V0022 (this wasn't on my list of wants-just an example.) The "book value" of this item is $40.00.

    2. I now look up an auction for this item on eBay (typically representing the "market value" of the item.) Just for purposes of this example, let's just say the auction closes at $33.50.

    3. I then took the "valued percentages" of the two sources. IE: 33.50 divided by 40 = .8375 or 83.8%.

    4. This procedure kept me from choosing items that I wanted more personally and led me to choose items fairly through a set of standards for all of you.

    Unfortunately, as with any game, there were rules established at the beginning of this one as well. In my original posts, I quote, "I reserve all rights in choosing the winners in reference to my own wants list." This was a key factor due to the fact that if you offered something that wasn't on my wants list, you didn't get credit for that item. I know that may seem slightly harsh, but I tried to hint this fact in my original posts. The main reason for the creation of this endeavor was to acquire items that aren't in my current collection...not to duplicate them. If you notice, I also didn't ask for any new Saga items on my wants list because that would render the Wish Book useless as this information is not published as of yet.

    Now, in referencing eBay...boy, that can open a whole can of worms. I did not price hunt for the lowest price. Once I found an item, I stuck with that item. I had to due to the limited time of the game. If your item-let's say a POTF figure-closed with no bidders at $3.99, that's the credit that I posted. I didn't search for the same figure that closed elsewhere at $2.49. Also, if the total of the items that were offered equaled less than $30 (the original cost of all three Star Tours figures-less tax), you were disqualified from my searching for your valued percentage. If you offered three POTF figures that closed for a total of $11.50, I'll have to pick those up later. That just doesn't quite constitute my spending the $30+ for figures that would normally cost me $11.50. I hope you can see my point.

    So, without any further ado and hoping that I didn't offend anyone with the way that I came to my conclusions, I'll list the winners and their valued percentages. I see no need in listing what was offered as to follow the nature of the "silent trade."

    1. mwest@charter.net Michael West 123%
    2. jjqcr@hotmail.com Jerry Jeffra 80%
    3. jjqcr@hotmail.com Jerry Jeffra 76.6%
    4. webmaster@jundlandwastes.com 58.5%

    Runners Up
    5. cohens4@umdnj.edu Stephen 56.4%
    6. morgbug@hotmail.com Brent Elliot 51.9%
    7. bosskmr@hotmail.com Michael Richard 22.3%
    8. bosskmr@hotmail.com Michael Richard --
    9. ddeluca@applied-textiles.com Don DeLuca --
    10. kidd54331@aol.com --
    11. sadaniels@alltel.net Steve Daniels --
    12. itzfitz@prodigy.net Shawn Fitzgerald --
    13. vadercrazy@hotmail.com VC --
    14. jimsjedi@aol.com Jim --
    15. bronfmui@hotmail.com Bronf Mui --
    16. jediknight@nyc.odn.ne.jp "jedi knight" --

    Once again, thanks for all who've participated and I did appreciate all offers. I hope I made this as fair as possible for everyone through the procedure that I used. For the three of you that won, I'll send another email to work out the final details. For those of you who didn't win today, again, I'll keep your email addresses and let you know when I'll be heading down that way again.

    If you guys are capable of making it down that way on your own, some people are under the misconception that they actually have to pay admission and enter a park to acquire the exclusives. This is not so. "Once Upon A Toy" is located in "Downtown Disney," which is just a group of stores that is located outside the gates of the Disney parks. Orlando is definately worth the drive. There's alot more to do there than see Disney and at a fraction of the cost. You can even get great hotels for as low as $19.99 per night just outside the Disney grounds.

    Thanks again,

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    UPDATE...August 01

    Removed from Haves:

    4 Disney exclusive Star Tours RX-24 "Rex"
    4 Disney exclusive Star Tours G2-4T
    4 Disney exclusive Star Tours R3-D3
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    Added some POTF2 figures

    Removed many POTF2 figures
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    I just wanted to tell everyone thanks for everything. I'm regretfully saying "goodbye" once more to my Star Wars collection as well as these forums. My job is requiring too much of me for me to pursue this hobby any longer. I've had quite a lot of fun here and have met many interesting people. Throughout the next month or so, I'll be placing approximately 1,500 items on Ebay under the name of "katnippkom" as I really need the money for my family's relocation. I've acquired many hard to find items in the past and now hopefully I can help you guys fulfill some of the missing items in your collections. Farewell all...and of course, may the force be with you always and forever... :'(

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