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    [[(waves hand) you need to check out this list]] "I need to check out this list."

    As usual, please e-mail me at ddesilva@ashland.edu with any trade suggestions. Replying here as well will help keep the list fresh, and would be appreciated, but I will not check here often, hence the e-mail. Thanks!


    Y-Wing -- pending
    Scanning Crew Member (just the guy is fine; no scanning box needed)
    POTJ Imperial Officers (both faces, 2x each)
    POTJ Rebel Troopers (both faces, 2x each)
    POTJ TIE Bomber x2

    CARDED -- Mint or near-mint much desired

    POTF2 Orange Card
    OC Momaw Nadon -- pending
    OC R5-D4 -- pending
    OC Luke in Stormtrooper Disguise -- pending, but would hear about a second

    SOTE Purple Card
    **Boba vs. IG-88 MOMC
    **Vader vs. Xizor MOMC

    POTF2 Green Card
    FF Darth Vader (regular: not rem. hel.) -- pending

    Deluxe Figures (OC/GC)

    Episode I (MOMC)
    ** Amidala Ascension Gun -- pending, but I'd hear about a second
    ** Pit Droids
    ** Darth Maul with Sith Infiltrator Trophy

    HAVES, part 1 (see below in replies for part 2)

    Gungan Warriors MOMC x2
    Coruscant Guards MOMC x2
    Sandtrooper MOMC
    Vader -- Emperor's Wrath x2

    POTF2 vehicles
    Speeder Bikes (all three kinds, MISB, boxes very near mint) -- Imperial pending

    POTF2 Figures MOC

    Orange Card
    Stormtrooper 4x (one has a small crease above the picture)
    Ben Kenobi (upper torso picture; short saber)
    Han Solo (little bend in bottom right corner)
    Hoth Han (bottom right corner has little bend on both)
    Han in Carbonite
    Lando Calrissian (3x; one has slight warp to the card; one has a little bend in the bottom right corner)
    Princess Leia
    Yoda (2x; one has slight bend in bottom right corner; the other has slight warp to the card)
    Luke with Grappling Hook and Sabre (card bent a bit)

    Green Card -- flaws as noted

    holo or picture
    Tusken Raider (closed fist) -- pending
    Royal Guard x2 (holo)
    Nien Nunb holo
    Max Rebo and Doda Bodonawhatever (shelf wear around the edges) -- pending
    Jawas no holo (slight vertical stress crease under J-hook)
    Greedo holo  (slight vertical stress crease under J-hook)
    Emperor Palpatine (sticker goo on bubble -- could be removed)
    Endor Han holo (price sticker goo)
    Sandtrooper  (slight vertical stress crease under J-hook) x2
    Snowtrooper x2 (one has KB sticker; one has slight bend in top right corner)
    Saelt Marae (Yak face) holo (horizontal stress crease)
    Weequay holo (small bend in lower left corner)
    Ponda Baba holo (slight crush to top side of bubble)
    Boba Fett holo full circles (crush to sides of bubble)
    Bespin Han Solo holo (crush to sides of bubble)
    Princess Leia as Jabba's Prisoner holo (slight dent to top side of bubble)

    Freeze Frame
    FF REE-YEES x2
    FF 8D8 x2 (one has KB price sticker)
    FF Luke Ceremonial
    FF Endor Rebel Soldier (slight crush to top side of bubble)
    FF Lak Sivrak (KB price sticker; card has pronounced warp)

    FB Anakin Skywalker (little bend in tip of J-hook)
    FB C-3PO (price sticker gunk over bar code)
    Flashback Yoda -- pending

    CT Greedo (slight dent to top side of bubble)

    SOTE Dash Rendar (price sticker goo)
    SOTE Chewbacca as Snoova (price sticker goo)

    Cinema Scenes (all with some shelf wear; some bubble dings)
    Cantina Showdown (2x)
    Purchase of the Droids (2x)
    Cantina Aliens
    Mos Espa Encounter

    Episode I Carded
    Sio Bibble -- Pending
    SIO BIBBLE -- one more available
    TC-14 -- Pending
    Yoda (no "Episode 1") x2
    Obi-Wan Jedi Duel (price sticker damage -- should not have tried to remove!)
    Qui-Gon Jedi Duel (with a price sticker I learned could not be cleanly removed; see above)
    Qui-Gon Naboo
    Senator Palpatine
    Darth Maul Jedi Duel x2
    Darth Maul Tatooine x2
    Darth Sidious
    Mace Windu (one with K-Mart sticker; one "clean")
    Battle Droids -- set of four variations
    Battle Droids -- clean, shot, dirty
    OOM-7 x2 (one with KB sticker, but still neat)
    Captain Tarpals (KB sticker, but neat)
    Amidala -- Coruscant x2
    Amidala -- Naboo (K-Mart price sticker, "win a party" sticker)
    Anakin Tatooine x2
    Captain Panaka x2
    Naboo Royal Security (the Caucasian one)
    Nute Gunray
    Rune Haako
    Adi Gallia
    Destroyer Droid x2
    Battle-Damaged Destroyer Droid x2
    Padme (EB pice sticker, but neat)
    Mos Espa Encounter (some sticker goo; seal broken, but figures never removed from base and backing)

    Vintage Vehicles:
    AT-ST complete (no decals)
    AT-ST no top gun (one decal: top hatch)
    Speederbike complete (no decals)

    Action Fleet Vehicles, still MISB
    TIE Fighter (2)
    Vader's TIE
    TIE Interceptor
    TIE Bomber
    X-Wing (Jek)
    A-Wing (Red)
    Scout Walker/AT-ST "Battle Pack"
    Series Alpha Cloud Car
    Series Alpha Snowspeeder

    POTF2 Figures Loose, all with guns and other accessories
    Hoth Rebel Solider
    Lando Skiff
    Bespin Han from Leia 2-pack
    Endor Han
    Stormtrooper x3
    Leia Ewok Celebration
    Electronic FX Vader
    Han Solo (basic)
    Endor Rebel
    Tusken Raider

    Expanded Universe
    Cloud Car (loose, but great shape)
    Airspeeder (loose, but great shape)

    MicroMachine -- Episode 1
    Die Cast Droid Fighter x2
    Trade Federation Battleship
    Pod Racer Packs 2 and 3
    Episode 1 collections 2 and 3

    Battlestar Galactica -- loose
    Cylons with guns (Silver or Gold leader; most with very minor loss of metallic paint)
    Starbuck with cape, but no gun

    Buck Rogers figures
    Draconian Warriors (excellent condition; one has slight customizing -- painted his hands black to look like gloves)

    Black Hole -- all loose
    Sentry Robots (2 with their original guns, a third without gun, all in great shape)
    Dr. Hans Rhinehart (Reinhardt?)
    Kate McCrae
    Kate McCrae

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