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    So yesterday I ended up going to 4 Walmarts in search of exclusives. 3
    in the town where I work, the other in a nearby town. Here's the
    availability run down

    Walmart #1 Clone Wars basic figs are still $5 here....and they're
    getting new Space Ani, Space Ahsoka, Cad Bane, and various
    Droid Factory sets....gone....sold out...even the
    one I hid (The redid half the aisle to insert their new Soda/Chip/Dvds
    concept.....very out of place down a normal toy aisle. Other stores have
    it on a main run where it makes more sense). It looks like they must
    have been marked down....but they didn't have many to begin with.
    No other exclusives.

    Walmart #2 Star Trek 3" figures for $3!...alas....the only figure I
    needed they only had one of...and with a horrendous paint job. :(
    Droid Factory...on clearance for $15....nearly
    sold out.
    Evolutions.....5-8 of each set (Commandos, Imp
    Pilots, Rebel Pilots)
    no other exclusives

    Walmart #3 Never had Droid Factory....still none.
    Octuparra Droid...for $35!!!!!!
    roughly 5 of each Evolutions set

    Walmart #4 Multiple Droid Factory sets...all at full price.
    Octuparra Droid....a couple mixed in with the
    regular vehicles....a friend who is a checklane supervisor said he would
    have to honor that price if they are merchandised that way....alas I did
    not have the time or inclination to go do I'd already bought
    one at the other store..and he was very busy and his boss needed him for
    something.....but it's certainly worth looking for a store that has them
    stocked incorrectly with the $20 vehicles. :)
    Roughly 5 of each Evolutions set
    2-3 shippers of Walmart Clone Trooper 2-packs
    (Thire and Rys, etc, etc)
    Turbo Tanks at the full $100 price.

    I ended up snagging the $15 Droid Factory packs (4 of Anakin
    said there)....but will hang on to them and watch for Store #4 to go down
    in price. If so, I'll return them. I also got the Octuparra.....I may
    see if I can snag one for $20. I passed on the Evolutions for now as
    they are nearly $25 each. I also snagged the Clone Wars figs mentioned
    above for $5 each, and all 4 Clone 2-packs at full price.

    No sign of any new or old Walmart exclusive Comic Packs.

    On a side note about the Clone figure 2-packs....there are four
    sets....all Walmart exclusives....but with two distinct packaging types.
    The red clones with Yoda are numbered (1of 2, and 2 of 2). The other
    clones (Rex, Cody, Fives, Echo) are not numbered. Also, one pair has a
    flat surfaced bubble. The other has a bubble with a raised edge down the
    center of it, so it is somewhat diamond shaped. Also, one pair rings up
    $12.96 each, the other two $12.97 each. I'm wondering if the 2-packs
    were designed by Hasbro to be two separate pairs of exclusives, and as
    such had distinctive differences, but Walmart ended up buying both of

    Also, K-Mart has it's exclusive Clone 4-pack set for $25..but they appear
    to be all reissues (Red Arc Commander, Clone Heavy Gunner, Scuba Clone,
    Obi in Armor). It does have a nice cardboard painted image of them in
    the center, not unlike a cheap cardstock trading card....but hardly worth


    PS I opened my Octuparra and it is HUGE! I posted pics in a new thread.

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