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Discussion in 'Collecting' started by Barada, Oct 29, 2001.

  1. Barada

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    Hey everyone. Here's my idea for some discussion. I think it would be unanimous that every collector would say the new line post 1995 is better in general than the vintage line. However, that doesn't mean the newer stuff hasn't screwed up. Here's my question. Which, if any, of the newer SW toys don't match up to their original versions?

    Here's my list.

    1995 Leia - Probaby the single worst figure ever.The vintage one blows this away. However, the 'new likeness' that came with the slide atoned for this.

    Jawas - Sure, the glowing eyes were cool. I'd rather have posable legs and a cloth (or vinyl) cape.

    Han Hoth - What a horrible pose. I just think the vintage one looks better. At least it has it's hood up! Again, it was made up for by the one that came with the tauntaun.

    Yoda - The first came loaded with accesories. Removable cloth cape and belt, cane, and snake. The second took away all of that and gave us a cane, backpack (does anyone use this?), and none-posable legs.

    Luke Jedi - The cape on the POTF2 version just sucks. Give me the vintage cloth cape, and the extra gun anyday. At least the lightsaber was an improvement. Not much else was.

    Emperor's Royal Guard - One of the coolest vintage figs. So what that you couldn't move the left arm. The cape was awesome! The new one has a good sculpt, and you can move both arms, but the mass that should be legs is horrible, and the plastic cape looks wrong.

    Bib Fortuna - I'm a sucker for the vintage cloth capes. Good sculpt, with a cool staff. The newer one's cape looks ridiculous the way it sticks out front and back, and the sculpt is arguably not much of an improvement.

    Emperor - Sure, the vintage face looks dorky, but you can move its legs individually. And the cane stays in his hand. The new one, besides a better face sculpt, is a horrible mess of plastic. They didn't improve it much with the lightning. It's posability is almost non-existent.

    R5-D4 - Firing rockets from a droid that can split in half? Enough said.

    R2-D2 w/ lightsaber - The new one looks more like R2, but they sacrificed the scale of its legs to do this figure. I like the way the original just slowly comes out of it's head, ready to be fired, than the new way it shoots it randomly. I've almost lost my saber a few times because of this.

    Luke Poncho - Better posability in the vintage one, and with lots of removable accesories. Cloth capes rule!

    Lando General - See Luke Poncho.

    That's the way I see this. Anyone else care to comment?

  2. Talon

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    I think you pretty much summed it all up with your post. I will have to take a look at my Action Figure Archive book and will get back to you on this :vader:
  3. Redleader

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    All of those are pretty good examples, but I think that they will get redone eventually ( at least some of them) and the new ones will be better. Right now though, most of the old ones you mentioned are better. Oh, and I use yoda's backpack with my Dagobah Luke!;)
  4. BlueHarvest

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    All are great examples Barada... My favorite is still the classic Yoda. They had a good thing going with the original sculpt, the new one is about as much fun as a paper weight!
  5. BarneyFife

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    Some of the older shipos also had electronics, something forgoteen in the new ones, not that anyone ever used them. The vintage Y-wings droid socket was cool though.
  6. vfermi

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    vintage favorites

    first...yes I use the backpack with dag luke and "dark spirit"...

    I remember sending away for the "accessory packs" with the backpacks and breathing apparati from the "mynock hunt" scene...we havent gotten anything like that

    Weapons packs would be another thing...especially with the imperial blaster (that seemed to come with every vintage fig). The nice "rifle" that came with the CT trooper needs to be replaced.

    Cloth capes DO rule (POTJ pimp lando comes to mind)...but sculpting them makes them "flow" like the designer wants and makes for a better display I think.

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