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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by membraneman, Oct 13, 2001.

  1. membraneman

    membraneman Bounty Hunter

    What are the chances of a Vintage Section??:idea:
  2. AmShak

    AmShak Senior Moderator Staff Member

    Discussion or trading?
  3. membraneman

    membraneman Bounty Hunter


    I think it would be good for both a discussion and a trading section...:D
  4. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    Here are my thoughts on your idea:

    1) You may search the forums for anything (such as the word "Vintage"). If people include the word vintage in the subject or the content of their post, then it is easily found by searching for it.

    2) I worry about adding too many different forums. I want them to be as specific as possible, yet not overwhelming.

    What we may do, is to devide the 4" lines into 2 groups - Current and Vintage. This may also involve rethinking how we present the trading forums. Perhaps we can combine buying and selling together if those are going to be less active forums.

    It's a good suggestion. We want the forums to be as easy and intuitive for its users as possible. We'll figure out what we want to do and might have some changes in a few days.
  5. membraneman

    membraneman Bounty Hunter

    Good point

    Yes, a good point on the "search" option, it's just I'd like to be able just to point and click. Too many times I have "searched" for something and it takes forever. As far as the "selling and buying"
    combining them would be the way to go, not all tha many "sales" going on.

    Dividing up the 4" section is the way to go, again the point and click instead of going through all the posts.:cool: :idea:
  6. BlueHarvest

    BlueHarvest New Recruit

    Good idea!

    I would hit that section for sure... I can't afford none of the old classic stuff, but us old folks who grew up with this stuff, can have some good chats about the good ol' days!

    I'm have been racking my brain for weeks now trying to remember how much the 12" figures went for!?!

    I'm sure there are many of us who remember going to the toy stores and seeing these treasures, sitting on the shelves, brand spanking new and waiting to be purchased!
    I used to LOVE going to our local Eaton's and taking in their HUGE SW section! Mmmmmm Star Wars......:love:

    Anyway, back to the topic....
  7. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member


    You will notice a few changes in the forum. See if this is the sort of thing you had in mind. :twirl:
  8. Borsk

    Borsk Administrator Staff Member

    a thought...

    I wanted to call attention to this again. Based on feedback, we decided to split the 3 3/4" trading & discussion forums into 2 seperate components. One side dealt with vintage and the other dealt with everything else.

    The vintage side of it doesn't see much action - which brings me to my question...

    Would you guys prefer to keep it split this way or would you rather have combined forums. This would save yourself an extra click as you cruise through the boards.

    If I don't hear any feedback on this, I will assume that the majority of you are happy with the way it is.

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