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    I need room. Please help. Will entertain offers that are reasonable. Will ship immediately how you want at exact cost. Long time collector for about 13-14 years. Will combine shipping.

    Over 100 (probably more like 125) DIFFERENT Star Wars bookmarks.
    Price 100.00 plus shipping.... (I paid over 3.00-4.00 each for some of
    these each)

    I don't know how many but over 100 (Various promo cards, Star wars,
    movies, TV, sports whatever). 15.00 plus shipping (some might sell
    for several dollars each... especially the Star Wars).

    Sports cards not graded all worth about a dollar each but all for 5.00
    plus shipping. They include Rookie cards. Cards are: Larry Johnson
    Upper deck 92-93. Shaquille O'Neal Season Leaders Rookie of the Year
    card 93-94, Chris Webber Rookie card NBA Hoops (all three of these are
    on a plaque in plastic which I will remove and put in a top loader.
    Also: Troy Aikman Score 1990 card, Carl Yastrzemski Baseball card
    1981, Jeremy Roenick Performance Highlights Fleer 1992-93, Moises Alou
    Unix Baseball Card 1999, Juan Encarnacion Fleer "Brilliants" BB Card
    1999, Baseball Card Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. HoloGRFX. Conditions
    vary. but nothing ripped, bent etc. I don't know about grading.
    Certain ones like the Yaz card and the Chris Webber are definately

    Go Bots Toy on card (MIP) but packaging not mint but in very good
    condition. Tonka; "Pumper" Fire Engine 1983 15.00 plus shipping

    Star Wars Dark Empire Metal cards, one autographed by Dave Dorman
    15.00 set. In tin (six cards) plus shipping.

    One Star Wars Celebration Vader sealed in plastic (whole card in a
    plastic case). 15.00 plus shipping

    Star Wars Early Bird figures (second run a few years ago) (R2-D2,
    Chewbacca, Princess Leia and Luke). These are mint in package the
    outer box was opened, looked at one time and put back in and figures
    still wrapped in plastic. I have two of these.

    Various Hot Wheels cars, all promo items (food products, cereal etc);
    all wrapped in plastic bags they came in or on cards. cards not
    mint/graded. 10.00 plus shipping

    Various box of unopened cereal toys freebies. make offer

    Felix Silla signed Wicket/Princess Leia figure set. Figures are worth
    the's the wrong sig on wrong item but can most likely
    remove sig. 12.50 plus shipping

    Richard LeParmentier signed Key chain (his personal Keychain-he gave
    it to my friend in a bar when he was drunk). 12.50 plus shipping.

    R2-D2 Telephone 20.00 plus shipping. Comes in box. Not mint but
    runs/good condition.

    Let's start with this..... email me offline as I might not have enought time to check the threads often and first come first served. I'll scan/give more details as needed within reason (I had a couple crazy people before wanting me to take magnifying glass and look for scratches on the bubble of a figure before; that's NOT reasonable)~
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    dahoov2 New Recruit

    More Star Wars stuff:

    Various Paperbacks etc Star Wars 2.50 each plus shipping (many are brand new never read)

    Various Star Wars Insiders Back issues (you pick 2.00 each plus shipping)

    Profiles in History and Signature House Auction Catalogs (if you bought any SW memoribilia from them etc, you WILL want the catalog as it will up your value tremendously because of the provenance). 4.00 each plus shipping.

    Star Wars wrapping paper. I paid a ridiculous amount for vintage rolls. I have three rolls I think; will take reasonable offer.

    I still have tons more to list including autographs but I will not do that till all this stuff is GONE. Thanks.

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