Ultra Ewok with Attack Glider

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    New from The Jedi Temple Archives ...

    And so the Jedi Temple Archives presents to you the end of yet another portion of the Saga line with the addition of the Ewok with Attack Glider to the 2004 Saga Visual Guides! A welcome addition to any collection, this set is worth getting a few of to start building that Ewok army that you have always wanted! Complete with his own spear and 2 rocks to drop from his glider, this is the way a line is supposed to bow out and make way for the OTC!!
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    The Star Wars Visual Guides Adds Skirmish at Carkoon Added and Finds Packaging Error

    If it is not the end of one portion of the 2004 Saga line it is another. This time the Jedi Temple Archives (http://www.jeditemplearchives.com) brings to you the Toys R Us exclusive Skirmish at Carkoon 4-pack. This set includes more repacks of old peg warmers in the likes of Barada, Klaatu and Nikto Skiff Guards, the Sail Barge Cannon from the POTJ Deluxe Princess Leia and Han Solo fresh from being in cold storage for a while. You can catch it all over in the 2004 Saga Visual Guides. (http://jeditemplearchives.com/2004saga/)

    We have also discovered a packaging error on the Skirmish at Carkoon's backside. While the Sail Barge Cannon, and Han Solo were all identified correctly, identification of Klaatu, Nikto, and Barada are wrong. The Guard labeled Nikto is really Klaatu, the Guard Labeled Klaatu is really Barada, and the guard labeled Barada is really Nikto. Confused? Hop on over to the Main Page (http://www.jeditemplearchives.com) now and take a look.

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