The Return of Watto's Lotto

Discussion in 'Contests & Games' started by AmShak, Jul 16, 2003.

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    The Return of Watto's Lotto

    159 for me
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    A quick rule recap...

    The Updated Rules ....

    Registered forum members can play Watto's Lotto by choosing 3 numbers from 0-9 and posting those numbers in the appropriate week's thread. The winning combination of numbers will not duplicate. For instance, 111 would never be a winning number.

    Unlike the previous version of Watto's Lotto, there are several ways of winning....

    A) A player can win everything in the pool for the Lotto by selecting the correct 3 numbers in the correct order (just like before). If this happens, this eliminates any other player from winning.

    B) A player can win half of what is in the pot by selecting the correct numbers in any order. In the event that two players select the correct numbers in the incorrect order, the entire pool will be split among them. If more than two players select the correct numbers in the incorrect order, the pool is divided evenly among the winning players.
    *the amount of figures that a player wins is always rounded down if it cannot be divided evenly.
    **Which specific figures multiple winners recieve will be determined by the TBS staff.
    ***A winner under "option A" eliminates any "option B" winners.

    These rules are temporary rules and will be used on the figures 42-57 of the 2002 Saga line. Once we reach the 57th figure, the remaining figures will be raffled off. Each player will receive a raffle number for each week that they have played in the current Lotto. After the raffle, Watto's Lotto will begin again fresh with the 2003 Saga line.

    Every Wednesday, three winning numbers will be posted. Forum members have up until that point to submit their three numbers. 1 guess per IP address/forum name, members making multiple guesses will be disqualified.

    We will start the prize pool with two 3 3/4 Star Wars figures, and another figure will be added every week until we have a winner.
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    By saying raffle number per each week in the current lottto,do you mean return of wattos lotto or the lotto from week one?

    If its only from this week on, it should be changed to from week one. That would make it interesting seeing as how everybody has time to visit the forums at least once a week, and then everybody would basically have the same amount of tickets. If we were to go from week one, there would be people with 2 tickets 42 tickets, 25 tickets, and those more commited to the lotto would have a greater chance of winning.
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    numbers these will be:

  9. AmShak

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    CC, I think we already covered you question.... see if this doesn't answer it ....

    Darth Boru wrote:

    AmShak wrote:
    I did take this before the Council and they agreed that the first part of Watto's Lotto (everything before there was a winner) is a contect in itself and it is now over. At this time, no part of that conest will be used in any future contests. The Contest we are playing now is a test fr how we will work the future lotto games. The plan is to work in something that will benefit those who play on a regular basis but not discourage new members from playing as well. We need to see how this works before we can state how the lotto will be done for the 2003 figs.
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    DarkJediCB has won half of the prize pool with his guess of 325. Congrats! You will receive the Darth Maul (Sith Training) figure. You have 1 week to email me and claim your prize. Thanks!

    The lotto take a week off and return July 30th. See you then!
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